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Hoodia Slender Gel ~ Slender Max sanctioned!

Hoodia Slender Gel (aka Slender Max) has continued to flagrantly ignore the ASA rulings. Another bunch of complaints were laid with the ASA. This is a company claiming that there product, when rubbed on the skin, will result in weight-loss. Of course, no evidence that it works, and very unlikely – in particularly since it is highly unlikely that hoodia will be absorbed through the skin. Scam? You decide.

Well the ASA may eventually becoming a little tougher? See the ruling below.


Hoodia Slender Gel / HA Steinman / 12857 / 13994
Ruling of the : ASA Directorate
In the matter between:
Dr Harris SteinmanComplainant(s)/Appellant(s)
Planet Hoodia ccRespondent

03 Feb 2011

In Hoodia Slender Gel / Dr H Steinman / 12857 (2 February 2009), the Directorate accepted the respondent’s voluntary undertaking to amend its efficacy claims on Hoodia Slender Gel product advertisement on its website, … Read the rest

2 comments to Hoodia Slender Gel ~ Slender Max sanctioned!

  • Kevin Charleston

    Excellent work Dr. Steinman! A 24 month battle.  Hopefully your persistence will finally slay this beast, and it won't pop up another head somewhere else.  
     It is a pity that the ASA takes so long to adjudicate in consumer complaints though – this should have been done and dusted long ago.  

  • Nombuso

    I saw this slender gel on an magazine today(24april2011)i then became interested on buying it,coz they stated that it doesnt have side effects,but i was still wandering that,is it true that you jst apply it and wala!!!in twelve months you became thin.iwas going to buy it but i decided to have more info about it,and i got this interesting work that ASA did,im no longer going to buy it.

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