ASA Ruling: Breast Assured

This company continues to advertise and make claims that this product can result in increasing the size of a woman's breasts.

Let us not mince words: this product is nonsense – you are wasting your money on this product.

Here is an ASA ruling (again) against this company.

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Top 10 (+5) pseudoscience health sites in SA

Posted 21 July 2010

CAMcheck takes no pleasure in listing the following pseudoscience health sites in SA (in no particular order). Unfortunately there is very little that the appointed protectors of our health and wellbeing (Department of Health, Medicines Control Council, SA Pharmacy Council) are doing about protecting us from them. 

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ASA Ruling: Breast Assured – Breach

In a previous ruling, the ASA agreed with the complainant that this company could not prove that using Breast Assured will result, among other, in breasts becoming larger. The ASA ruling below was in response to a new complaint that the company continues to make unsubstantiated claims for this product. 

Note: This product may be nothing but a scam, but the ASA will not stop the product from being sold to consumers fooled by advertising into believing the product may help them – all the company has to do is to change the words so that it does not make claims, but sell the product, on they go! Is there a single product that can prove that using that product will result in breasts becoming larger? Not a single one!

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ASA ruling – Breast Assured

I laid a complaint with the ASA against this product's claims, as advertised at which made, among other, the following claims:

  1. That drinking the product will increase breast size
  2. That the product has been proved to work

The ASA asked the company for substantiation, and as these claims are impossible to be proved true, ruled in my favour which means the product needs to remove these claims from their website and products.

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