ASA Ruling: Slimbetti Thermo Advance

Posted: 07 September 2011

From the same scam artists (Jasmine and Christopher Grindlay) who brought you Hoodia Slender Gel, Slender Max. As soon as the ASA rules against their products, they relaunch them under new branding. Has the ASA bared it’s teeth? Will they believe Allison Vienings (“the expert”), who has “substantiated” a number of other products that I regard as scam products?

Slimbetti Thermo Advance / HA Steinman / 1809

Ruling of the : ASA Directorate
In the matter between:
Dr Harris Steinman Complainant(s)/Appellant(s)
Water Berry Trading cc t/a Slimbetti Respondent

06 Sep 2011

Dr Steinman lodged a consumer complaint against Slimbetti’s print advertisement promoting its “Thermo Advance” product as “SA’s #1” weight loss product. The advertisement appeared in the 24 June 2011 issue of Vrouekeur magazine and states, inter alia, as follows:

“MAKLIKE, GERIEFLIKE GEWIGSVERLIES” (Easy, convenient weight loss).
“Verslanking en gewigsverlies sonder stres!” (Sliming and … Read the rest

6 comments to ASA Ruling: Slimbetti Thermo Advance

  • Kevin

    Nice work.  I look forward to some significant baring of teach from the Directorate. 

  • Jessica

    I saw an article discrediting this product and having tried it myself before I knew the background of this product I saw zero result. Slimbetti has a page on Facebook that has almost 6000 fans and they are promoting this product’s full range on this page, with thousands of unsuspecting consumers buying into this rubbish. When I copied the link that exposed these products and the Slimbetti brand as a fraud and challenged the page admin to address this issue, I was blocked from commenting further on the page and my comment was removed. I am intending on reporting this company to the National Consumer Council.

  • Janet

    I also used the Hoodia gel and it did nothing. I haven’t started the pills but won’t do it now. Is their any way that we can claim our money back

  • Lauren

    hi there received a telephone call from a company in cape town
    021 1400111 they are selling a few Slimbetti Products.
    Forwarded me information on Thermo Burn – SLIMBETTi its an advanced fat burner. Reading the reviews on this page im not sure whether this product will work, R268 for three months is a lot of money to waste on sumthing that dont work.
    here is some other websites that they said i should check out:
    I would appreciate any info regarding the above product.

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