Is Garcinia a safe and effective dietary supplement for patients hoping to lose weight?

Posted 03 December 2017

Garcinia became a rock star in the dietary supplement world after a 2012 endorsement by television host Dr Mehmet Oz, who called it a “revolutionary fat buster.” (The endorsement was removed from the Dr Oz website following a USA Senate hearing on questionable weight loss products.)

This opinion by a pharmacist who is an Assistant Professor, Department of Physiological Sciences, Eastern Virginia Medical School in the USA, and published in Medscape, concludes that “Currently, not enough research is available to recommend garcinia or HCA-containing products for weight loss”.

 Note, dosage is important and her conclusions need to be read with this in mind for many products use even less than the dose studied.

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GarciniaSlim – another scam

Posted 04 March 2014

Dr de Lange lodged a consumer complaint against an Internet and print advertisement (Sunday Times) for GarciniaSlim. The advertisements claim” “The Newest fastest Fat Buster is Garcinia Cambogia Extract…” “No diet”, “No excercise” etc. Repeated reference is also made to the fact that this product is “Recommended By Doctors”. Images of televisions “Dr Oz” and white-coat wearing models also feature prominently. The complainant submitted that there is insufficient evidence to conclude that the advertised product is effective in causing permanent weight loss over a long period as is claimed. 

All reasonable steps were taken by the ASA Directorate to elicit a response from the advertiser, but none was received, and the ASA ruled against the claims.

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