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Weight loss at how heavy a cost? 

Posted 20 March 2018

Weight loss at how heavy a cost? by Wendy Knowler

Times Live

A fat burner (Secret Fat Burner) has been revealed to contain a banned substance that has led to some consumers experiencing heart and thyroid complications

“Anyone who knows me would be amazed that I took that product.”

Durban-based insurance broker consultant Chantel Gaillard, 47,  is one of the many who’ve had serious adverse reactions to the “wonder” weight-loss product Secret Fat Burner.

“I’m usually very sceptical about those ‘Lose 3kg in a week without dieting or going to the gym’ type products, believing in the eat less, exercise more approach, but this time my resistance crumbled and I thought I’d give it a try.”

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The Secret is out: that big fat diet menace is back

Posted 20 March 2018

The Secret is out: that big fat diet menace is back by Katharine Child

Times Live

Authorities go after the makers of a weight-loss product (Secret Fat Burner) containing a banned substance, in a case that echoes a 2010 scandal

The distributors of a new “miracle” diet product, which contains  very similar ingredients to the Simply Slim products that were banned eight years ago, have been forced to cease sales pending a meeting with the Health Department’s law enforcement officials on Monday.

All distributors of the weight-loss product, the Secret Fat Burner, have been instructed to stop selling it – but its promotional articles insist the real culprits are those behind a rip-off of the original product, which bears close resemblances to what Simply Slim distributors said when their product was pulled off the shelves in 2010. 

It is still not known who is manufacturing the

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The Secret Fat Burner – Bad press

Posted 19 March 2018

Two articles published in the Sunday Times / Times live, lifts the lid on the background to The Secret Fat Burner. Written by two credible and highly reputable consumer journalists, it elaborates on the product’s high health risk, how the Medicines Control Council / SAHPRA is responding to the product, and possible links to a previous weight-loss scam, Simply Slim.

Weight loss at how heavy a cost? by Wendy Knowler

The Secret is out: that big fat diet menace is back by Katharine Child

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The Secret Fat Burner – Dangerous!

Posted 01 March 2018

The Secret Fat Burner is advertised at Vanatize with the claims that it “contains a combination of ingredients which assist in weight loss by increasing metabolism, thereby burning consumed calories and stored fats. The Secret Fat Burner has also been designed to increase energy and boost performance.

The ingredients are claimed to be L-Carnitine / Yerba Mate / Bitter Orange Extract / Chromium / Cassia Seed / Guarana / Rasberry Ketones / Green Tea Extract.

The company has a disclaimer stating “*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or MCC. Products on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease”. However, “bitter orange” or synephrine, which has also been upscheduled, i.e., cannot be sold via a website. And the product contains a banned substance.

This product has now been shown to be very toxic.

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