ImuPro breach ruling

Posted 11 March 2011

This ASA ruling against the complainant, is interesting for it relates to changing of website contents, integrity, proof and mainly, being careful to copy the contents of a website before laying a complaint!

In essence: I noticed that the ImuPro website was still making claims contrary to the ASA’s previous rulings. I laid a complaint. The ASA sent the complaint to Dr York, who claimed that the links I spoke about were no longer present and probably in the cache of my browser (unlikely for I viewed this page after having cleared my cache – done regularly). The ASA checked his claims that the links were not active and confirmed this to be true. Of course, I stand by my claim.

Considering that the ASA were not able to access the website page, the complaint was dismissed. I re-iterate, I feel so strongly about individuals being Read the rest

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