Aminoliq – ASA ruling

Posted 25 February 2011

A consumer complaint was laid against Aminoliq’s advertising (weight-loss) on its website, which states, inter alia, the following: “Aminoliq contains the specialised ingredients, Choline and Inositol. Together they are effective in metabolising fat. Inositol is also an active factor of the B-Complex vitamins. Amino acids are included in this formula to improve muscle definition, i.e. body shape. Aminoliq promotes the utilization of fats & carbohydrates in the body. The net result is that excess fat is more readily burned resulting in a leaner & more defined body. Amino acids are utilised to rebuild muscle & body tissue. Vitamin B complex aids in the digestive process. Vitamin C aids in the formation of collagen and inter cellular material”. The complainant added that the radio commercial heard on 5FM contains similar claims with regard to the ability to burn fat. The complainant submitted that these claims … Read the rest

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  • Robert

    Product works very well, u also need to train hard and eat well. Sitting on your ass and taking this poor duct ain’t gonna do it. Aminolq supporter from Australia

    • Harris

      The point of any product for weight-loss, it should be able to benefit the user above and beyond including a diet, else one can sell sea-sand, and claim it only works very well, but you also need to train hard and eat well. In fact, that is the modus operandi of most weight-loss products.

      There is no proof that either the ingredients, or the combination, results in effective weight loss.

  • Yolanda

    Aminoliq extreme boasts advanced apetite control, without the jittery feeling. I train hard for many years, and as a result i eat all the time. Not when i take aminoliq, i eat twice a day now, and only half my normal portions. Simply an excellent product

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