Whole-body vibration devices

Posted: 23 November 2011

AHRQ reviews whole-body vibration devices. 

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has published a sceptical report on the use of whole-body vibration devices for preventing and treating osteoporosis. The vibrations are generated by motors under the device’s platform and transmitted to the person standing on the platform. The FDA has not approved whole-body vibration platforms for medical purposes; therefore, no FDA standards regulate their manufacture and designs vary widely.

But the AHRQ report concluded:
(a) little research has been done,
(b) studies have not addressed potential harms, and
(c) beneficial claims should not be made without further research.

[Wysocki A and others. Whole body vibration therapy for osteoporosis. AHRQ Technical Brief Number 10, Nov 2011] 

Some proponents claim that using a whole-body vibration device for as little as three minutes a day will increase bone density and muscle strength and improve balance. The AHRQ Read the rest