Antagolin, ASA agrees, no evidence it works!

Posted 07 March 2014

Dr Goldstein lodged a consumer complaint against a Medical Nutritional Institute’s television commercial promoting Antagolin. The commercial features a very overweight female in underwear, stating “I don’t want to look like this anymore. What is happening to my body? Why can’t I lose weight?” A male voice-over the states “You may be suffering from insulin resistance. Measure your waist. Females measuring more than 88cm may have insulin resistance. Antagolin combats insulin resistance and will help you to lose weight effectively. Antagolin, developed by the Medical Nutritional Institute”.

The complainant submitted, in essence, that there is no evidence that the product with its ingredient mix has any benefits as made in the claims. She explained that the ingredients listed for the product have been scarcely researched, and are potentially toxic. The dosage used in the product is also well below what was researched.

The Medical Nutritional Institute’s Read the rest

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