HIVEX closed down

Posted 30 May 2012 

HIVEX limited used to offer an unproven electromagnetic therapy as a treatment for HIV at a facility in Durban. Following pressure from various quarters, this facility has recently been closed down.

HIVEX is an unproven electromagnetic treatment that its proponents claim can treat HIV. This is despite there being no published studies of the use of HIVEX in humans. Until recently, people were charged R1,000 to undergo the HIVEX treatment. 

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ASA breach ruling: Hivex

Posted 12 January 2012

Mr Low, on behalf of TAC, lodged a breach complaint against the respondent’s website It was explained that even though some of the wording on the website has changed, it still contravenes the Code for essentially the same reasons as previously identified. Therefore, the essence of that complaint remains unchanged and the advertising is in breach of the ruling and of the Code.

The complainant submitted, inter alia, that the following quotes are essentially similar in message and communication to those originally complained of:

“The HIVEX Treatment is an electro-magnetic treatment which targets proteins in the HIV virus to disable the virus.”

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HIVEX no treatment for HIV

Posted 02 December 2011

A report in Politics Web: HIVEX no treatment for HIV – SECTION27 – TAC

01 December 2011 

NGOs says it'll take legal action if company doesn't desist from making spurious claims 

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Hivex ASA Ruling

Mr Marcus Low, on behalf of the TAC (Treatment Action Campaign), lodged a complaint against the website advertising seen on 

The advertising promotes the respondent’s treatment as a “… pioneering radical treatment for people with HIV”. It explains how the treatment works and claims, inter alia, that patients on the treatment were 5,7 times less likely to need hospital treatment, antiretroviral drugs, or die. Patient testimonials are also The complainant raised concerns over the veracity of all claims implying that the treatment is effective for people with HIV / AIDS. It argued that the respondent’s claims of effectively treating this disease are unsupported by scientific evidence, and are therefore likely to mislead people.

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