Do testosterone boosters work?

Posted 20 December 2020

And can they help men improve their mental and physical health?

From Skeptical Inquirer 5 Dec 2023


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of commercial products aimed at increasing testosterone; they represent a drop in an ocean that is swelling with some 30,000 dietary supplements. The ones offered for boosting testosterone range from relatively benign multivitamins to anabolic/androgenic steroids and everything in between, all thriving in an industry lacking effective regulation or validation of claims.

When evaluated, the evidence is found wanting. Of fifty commercial products claiming to boost testosterone, improve libido, or help men feel stronger, only around 25 percent were supported by any evidence. Around 62 percent of supplements had no literature whatsoever, which is a surprise given the 109 unique compounds found among the supplements (an average of 8.3 ingredients per product). With such a litany of ingredients, one would expect … Read the rest

NYT: 10 Medical Myths We Should Stop Believing. Doctors, Too.

Posted 25 September 2019

10 Medical Myths We Should Stop Believing. Doctors, Too.

Researchers identified nearly 400 common medical practices and theories that were contradicted by rigorous studies. Here are some of the most notable findings.

By Gina Kolata  – New York Times – July 1, 2019

You might assume that standard medical advice was supported by mounds of scientific research. But researchers recently discovered that nearly 400 routine practices were flatly contradicted by studies published in leading journals.

Of more than 3,000 studies published from 2003 through 2017 in JAMA and the Lancet, and from 2011 through 2017 in the New England Journal of Medicine, more than one of 10 amounted to a “medical reversal”: a conclusion opposite of what had been conventional wisdom among doctors.

“You come away with a sense of humility,” said Dr. Vinay Prasad of Oregon Health and Science University, who conceived of the study. Read the rest