Glomail Celltone – ASA ruling

Posted 8 November 2012

On the 3rd November 2011 a complaint was laid with the ASA against the claims being made for this product. It has taken a year for the ASA to consider the complaint, Glomail’s response, and to make a ruling.

In essence the consumer complained that there is no peer-reviewed evidence to confirm that the claims for this product as a whole, or for the individual ingredients, are true, and therefore that this product is misleading consumers. The ASA agreed.

Interestingly, many complaints against the effectiveness of this product has been received by CamCheck.

Update 15 January 2013:
A good reason why the claims for Celltone are probably false – read here (opens in separate window/tab)

Glomail Celltone / HA Steinman / 18897
Ruling of the : ASA Directorate
In the matter between:
Dr Harris Steinman Complainant(s)/Appellant(s)
Glomail (Pty) Ltd Respondent

25 Oct 2012

Dr Read the rest

13 comments to Glomail Celltone – ASA ruling

  • Simone

    Just wondering why if this ruling has been passed that cell tone is being advertised on Australian TV?

  • Michelle

    I was wondering the same thing. Flicking through channels and saw it for the first time this eve on Aus tv.. The claims are outrageous. I can’t believe they are allowed to run these celltone ads. All the rubbish exercise machines and hair stylers are bad enough but this is pushing the boundaries of bad science too far. Are these channels not subject to false advertising claims??

  • Lena

    I very much agree with Michelle I quote “Are these channels not subject to false advertising claims???” regarding Celltone and everything else that’s advertised on their channels. There’s parenting rules when watching TV with the family to help distinguish the shows/movies maturity level for different age groups (children/adults)

    Why isn’t there rules for what’s advertised on TV…??? What’s Australia getting to??? Everything that’s advertised on TV should be approved and have it’s research as backup or some approval of some-sort that will claim it’s genuine. It’s the same with medicine in Pharmacies it can’t be sold unless its TGA approved which means “IT DOES AND CONTAIN WHAT IT STATED IT DOES on their packaging and advertising”


  • Dr John Holden

    In my opinion judging from personal and family members objectively observed after only two weeks application an improvement in skin ton / colour , resulting in a noticable reduction in wrincles and in my case total disappearance of ugly brown blemishes under both eys which I am very pleased about. In view of this I would like to have the choice of being able to buy this product freely in New Zealand.

  • Harris

    Dr Holden’s comments should be read in context: there are an extraordinary amount of people who publicly state that Celltone does not work (or has been harmful), and there is no evidence for the claims. Anecdotal evidence does not equate to proof.

  • Mandy Tomlin

    They are paid advertisements aren’t they? If they are they are paying to advertise their product until enough people complain about it. I was thinking about trying it as the results look great but I don’t see how it can work if they are telling you the magic ingredient because we could all go and collect our own snail slime

  • DD

    From what age group can use Celltone?
    Is it good for teenage pimples

  • Harris

    I cannot recommend Celltone for there is no evidence that it really works.

  • Marina

    The reason why this cannot be guaranteed is because snails as a food date back many years – back to the poor country of france when they needed an excuse for eating the snails from their garden and puff pastry in the shape of a cone (croissant) – they were as you know in history one of the poorest countries and with scarcity of food and desperation to not show it – has made up the story of how good the gross crawling in the garden is good for your health..(need I say more)

  • Nitty

    I have really bad marks on my skin and this past month i was using celltone and i see no improvent. Is it best if i saw a dermatologist? Im really desperate for something that will clear my blemishes as this is takinf away from my confidence. Im disappointed that i wasted my money on celltone, it clearly doesnt work. Please help, anyone

  • Sus

    Re: DR John Holden’s comments.
    Sorry, I do not believe that this comment was made by a Dr, as well as an independent reviewer.
    I would think a Dr would spell better than this one has.
    Yes, I’ve seen this ad just tonight on Australian Tv. Needless to say, I would not fall for this advertisement. Too many snail creams on market, all too good to be true. Aha, even dragon’s blood. Oh, please!

  • celltone benefits 2013

    Is it best if i saw a dermatologist? Im really desperate for something that will clear my blemishes as this is taking away from my confidence.

  • Jane Mathebe

    Good day

    I bought celltone exfoliating gel on the 7th of November 2014, at Clicks Silverwater, i used it for 3 to 4 days then my skin started to get darker only to find out that the said product had expiried on the 31st of May 2014, i would like to be given some advice how to get my skin back to its original complexion, which celltone products to use, which i dont think i should be paying for, as its not my fault, celltone and stores that sell celltone products i believe they have a responsibility of check whether their product are fine, celltone products are a bit costly and am a loyal customer but i just got a raw deal, i hope a big a reputable establishment like celltone will respond to this grievince and remedy it.


    Jane Mathebe

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