Snail gel gets squashed

Posted 15 May 2014

This article published in The Times, is old, but has only come to our attention now. It is still relevant for Glomail continues to market Celltone but without the claims previously made and ruled against by the ASA, when in fact their own research shows that the product does not work.

Scary stuff! What does this tell you about the ethics and morals of the owners of the company?


Snail gel gets squashed
NOMAHLUBI JORDAAN | 15 October, 2013 00:56

Now w, a recent Advertising Standards Authority ruling will make it even more difficult to market Glomail’s Celltone regenerative gel in South Africa.

This is the second time the authority has found that the product’s claims to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, spots and wrinkles, as well as to assist with various “skin ailments”, are not backed up by proof.

Celltone, promoted … Read the rest

2 comments to Snail gel gets squashed

  • angie

    Wanted to buy this product because I have severe dark spots on my face and neckline.I use Clinque but it seems that its not working although I have been using it for the past twenty years.
    Should I try the Celltone?

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