This category lists complaints laid with the ASA regarding health, complimentary medicine and supplements sold by Glomail, which complainants claimed could not be substantiated. (More than 15 complaints!)

In most cases the ASA ruled in favour of the consumer, but as Glomail started finding “credible experts” willing to substantiate a product, the ruling may have gone in the favour of Glomail. In some instances, arbitration was requested with a subsequent ruling against the product.  Glomail used legal methods to prevent arbitration (legal fees would have cost at least 4 times more than the cost of arbitration!)

In some instances, the consumer did not pursue the complaint further as a result of the time or costs involved.

We will in time explain why we feel the ruling in favour of Glomail was incorrect, using science, logic and common sense!

In time, these will be fleshed out as the site develops.

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57 comments to Glomail

  • Debra D Petersen

    bought the wonderful celltone snail jell to get rid of my blemishes to my sorrows my face turned black and know they refuse to refund me

    • Harris

      I have searched both “orthodox” science research sites, as well as “natural” or complementary medicine research for evidence that snail jell, a constituent of Celltone, has any beneficial effect and cannot find any. Without any evidence, one has to consider this a scam until proved otherwise. In the meanwhile, we will investigate this product.

  • Antonia Carreira

    Unfortunately is was also one of the silly suckers that was caught out by Glomail and their wonderful Celltone snail gel. it took just 2 minutes for my eyes to swell up and my face full of red marks. Now Glomail is not prepared to refund me because they say im lying. they need a letter from the doctor!!!!! I strongly DO NOT recommend buying ANYTHING from glomail. They tell their customers that they are liars!!  The most apalling service i have ever received from anyone.

  • s singh

    Bought snail gel rubbish as the ad is convincing.well money wasted,these people should be charged and shut down 4 the rubbish they market to innocent people. Please dont be fooled.

  • MissRosa

    okay..i have just bought celltone… I am about to start on a new skincare regime…watchin glomail's ad made me very convinced that the gel is effective..although I understand that most ads are exaggerated and doctored. I am of ethnic race and am wondering if the product is 2 speak?

  • Harris

    This is a good question. I do not have an answer to this, but I have read so many complaints about this product, I would be surprised that it works. I have looked for evidence in reputable sources to support the claims that the ingredients work but cannot find any. See some other complaints about CellTone here:

  • sisi

    i have dark circle on my face created by pimples, and saw glo-mail ad about snail gel,  i thought this is the answer i was looking for all the time, but to my surprise, my complextion change to darker, while am light in complexion, as for my black circle, am still stucked with them, not reommending it to anyone..

  • Sandra Chetty

    I just bought celltone. I'm not sure if I should try it. I generally have very good skin, just 1 age spot on my face.  After listening to all the negative comments, I'm not sure now if I should use it.

  • lebo

    I bought the cell tone products for my skin I used the product for 3 months, after then my skin started to develop more pimples,the Ad seemed very real, dont be scammed CELL TONE DOESNT WORK, South Africa

  • Corina

    I bought cell tone and loved it! I have been using it for a month.  However my mom came to visit from PE and I thought I will treat her.  I bought a set from Game and I was very upset/imbarest to find that the 2 tubes did not even had 20ml of fluid in stead of the marked 60ml in when I opened the box.  This to me is not fair as it is not the cheapest product on the market!
    Well thats me with their product!

  • Siluet 40 gel

    I would like to know where can i buy siluet 40, in south africa. I've tried searching it at Game, homemark, verimark and clicks as well but o luck they do not have it. i really want to try it out because I'm pregnant and I have developed cellulite

  • Harris

    I do not know where you can purchase this product. It used to be sold by Glomail. However, I do not believe that this product has any benefit, i.e., I consider this a scam. At best you may reduce cm for a few days but this is very temporary. In my opinion you are wasting your money.

  • Emily

    i bought snail for almost R500 because i black heads nd im light in complection, since i started using snail gel im dark with red itchy pimples
    why is glomail lying to the nation about this rubbish product.i will never buy anything from glomail again.

  • Harris


    Thanks for your posting. I have looked an other websites and find many complaints against this product. I have evaluated the evidence for the product and cannot find anything supporting the claims so I have laid a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority. It will take time for them to see if the evidence from Glomail is sufficient to support the claims.

  • Ruby

    I have been using Snail Gel now for 3 weeks and can see an improvement in my face .My marks are lighter, My pimples are less and the fine lines under my eyes are dissapearing. Maybe it doesn’t work for everybody. I just read that according to some people; it make their faces black. Now I don’t know if I should contiue with it. Oh, and the other thing…It made My skin As smooth and soft as a baby’s butt


    wow guys thanx 4 the advice, i really wanted buy it 4 myself but after what i just read it's better to keep my money.

  • justine

    I have stretchmarks and marks on my face I really wanted to get me celltone, but I dont know if I should. if not celltone then what do I use 4 my problems?

  • Harris

    I do not believe that Celltone works, therefore I have put in a complaint to the ASA asking for proof. Most of the products do not work, so I do not know which product to recommend. Discuss this with a dermatologist.

  • Ruby

    It do say that u must wait two minutes before going out in the sun. I use a non fragranced sunscreen over mine and don’t use the snailgel when I know I’m going to do something outside where my face will get direct sunlight for a long period (more than 15 minutes)

  • Ruby

    Well Harris. Me and others have seen a huge improvement in the marks of our faces. I guess you should rather state in your complaint that it don’t work for everyone, Not that it doesn’t works at all. On the other hand.. If it only works for example (1 out of 50 people) then I guess its a rip-off and not fair at all.

  • Harris


    This is exactly the point. No-one knows for this research has never been conducted. Someone has simply mixed the ingredients together and made claims that the product works.

  • Shumeez

    I was reading the testimonials on the glomail site. Does this product work? HELP

  • Harris

    Till now I have not seen any proof that it does work.

  • Larissa

    Hello Everyone, 
    I know the commercial might look very very convincing that this product does in fact work…I am one of the actors in the commercial (the one featured on Glomail website actually) & decided to read the comments about the product.  Sorry to say that I have never had any scars on my face and they were all altered by photoshop. I hope this will aid everyone in their search.

    Please read this comment above in relation to my posting below. Editor

  • Harris

    Editor's comment: I thank Larissa for posting the above comment. I have tried to verify whether her claims are correct but she has not responded to my request. Although a number of her details check out, one cannot say with certainty that the post is absolutely true. The reason for accepting the above comment is simply to remind readers that testimonials and adverts are NOT always honest or true, and viewers/readers of these adverts should fully appreciate this fact.

  • Masaku

    Is it really true that celltone does not work? I was about to buy it for my sister, she has got so many pimples. Please Help???

  • Harris

    I cannot find any evidence it works, and until I see this for myself, do not believe that it works.

  • Sammy

    I was going to buy this celltone product for the stretch marks i have around my hips and breast,yeah my stretch marks aint that bad jst wanna get rid of them but if i see all these negetive comments i’m thinking of not wasting my money buying it..and i would like to know that if i do buy it and find that it’s not working will they give me my money back??

  • Keigh

    I am horrified at all I’ve read! I was really thinking about buying Celltone because I’m tired of trying everything else. So far Skinfree is the best, in my opinion.

  • Neo

    Hey I bought this product a month ago and started using it as i saw nothing but praises about the product. How I wish I have seen your comments before buying this expensive for nothing product. Within two weeks, it has turned my face into dry, itchy and with some flaky spots. I cant even use make up anymore until this heals. I have never had facial problems before, and was just trying something to make face firmer as i saw it on the adverts! I can stop regretting!

  • Harris

    I have laid a complaint with the ASA against this product. No ruling yet. But I would like to propose that you lay a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) with the National Consumer Commission against this company:


    I also whant to use celltone but i am afraid of using it.I have read all about the product and thought of using it.There are so many complains about the product that make me negative to buy it.

  • Harris

    I laid a complaint against Celltone with the ASA on 15 November 2012 (Glomail Celltone / HA Steinman / 18897). I assume that the ASA has been overwhelmed with work and hence have not evaluated the “proof” for the product that Glomail may supply, for a ruling is still awaited.

  • Za

    Was about to purchase celltone but decided to google its side effects first.
    My my my … this is so …. interesting. You guys saved me a lot of money. THANK YOU

  • Mrs Botha

    Wow this site is amazing all natural products go under the hammer? Is there no side effects to antibiotics? For some people. Is there no side effects when medication are used incorrectly, definately! Is there no side effects to medical treatments like chemotherapy- no way. So why is side effects to natural products whether used incorrectly, excessively or for too long, automatically seen as a scam! In my opinion balance is the key, moderation in everything a must.

  • Harris

    The point of this site is NOT to favour Big Pharma products over CAMS. It does NOT say that medication is safe or unsafe. However in Big Pharma products, generally research shows if it works and what side effects one can expect, and warn the user. This is not the case in many “natural” products, many not being “natural” at all.

  • fakier

    I used celltone for about a month and it didn work for my face because it was still the same.the stuff they say on TV about the product is not true.

  • Edie

    I am so glad that I checked out this site before purchasing Celltone. Thank You for your input – Much appreciated. We need to stop them advertising this product on TV. It’s false advertising!

  • Chris

    I am also using snail gel for almost 3weeks now because I developed brown spots caused by acne. But like all the previous comments THE PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK. I followed every instruction but I guess its money well wasted

  • Harris

    A complaint was laid with the ASA on 3rd November 2011 but they have not ruled on the evidence yet.

  • khanyi

    i’ve always had a healthy skin but at the begining of april this year i started developing piples and i thought it was just a temporally thing but it just keep progressing and leaving dark marks on my face. its so embarrasing.i saw an advert about celltone on tv and i thought it was a key to my problem but after reading your comments i’m not sure anymore.can anyone who has had a similar problem help with some advice

  • Lavan

    I have read all the comments abt celltone, glad I did not buy it. But any idea’s on what actually works….anyone???

  • Joanne

    I have been using this product for 2 months now as per instruction, what a dissapoinment all I see are my blemishes getting darker. I have discontinued use…….A REAL SCAM!

  • Rita

    I was almost convinced into buying this, but I ALWAYS check any reviews on the internet regarding any product. The more I looked, the less I was convinced it worked. The other bell that rang for me was that the commercial said Celltone contained Allantoin…..well, you can get Allantoin from aloe vera. I think I’ll stick with that! I think the best treatments can come from your own cupboards and backyard. Home treatments are so much cheaper and work just as well. If I can give any sort of advice….before you buy anything, Google it. It will hopefully lessen the risk of you wasting your money. 😀

  • sandra

    I have been using Snail Gel for about 3 weeks now and have seen a dramatic difference in my skin. my skin is more plump and the wrinkles under my eyes are barly noticable, i love the snail gel ( no more botox) 😉 i honestly can’t say a bad thing about it as it’s worked wonders for me .. even people at work notice the difference in my skin asking me if i’d had a fill put into my tear troughs ( which i had in previous years, so i guess they assumed that i had a refill done . ) my skin is baby smooth and clear looking .

    [Note: This comment is from Australia – not the same product? Editor]

  • Thandeka

    Hey iam Thandeka Ndwandwe from KZN,I recently bought the expensive product celltone but I have never seen a different in my stretch marks fron the time I used it, I am very unhappy about this, reason being that when I saw it on television being advertised it was garenteed that it will work, but it is not. which will lead to me losing trust to the glomail product and broadcasting it to people that the product is not working but the money you used buying the product is gone (wasted), I am angry at my self for wasting my money on a product that is not working at all

  • Thandeka

    People please trust me when I say celltone does not work at all, Glomail is an untrustfull company that lies to people and waste their money,this product of their does not work at all,and I will be broadcasting this to as many people as I can, even on my social networks so that they will be aware of this money wasting product.

  • Sammy

    I was once on this page and i think i was shocked about the comments that people said about celltone and I didn’t buy it…owk yesterday (22 December 2012) i decided to take d risk, i bought celltone with R499.99,the promo pack, and i’m going to use it as instructed,the product luks tempting thou..the things that they say about it seem to be real,ppl saying that they started noticing a change within 10 days and that it got rid of their scars and stretch marks like magic…i’m doing this for everyone who want to know if celltone really works and I don’t wan’t anyone else to waste their money. I’m going to apply it for my stretch marks, not all my stretch marks but the ones on the back of my knees so that i’ll see the results. Note:my stretch marks ain’t that bad they developed when i was 13 years doing grade 8, my skin is soft and now i’m 19 years so as they assume this product works it should work pretty well on me coz it worked to those people who are aged 28 to 59 years on tv and on this little book i got as my instructor lol. If this product doesn’t work on me it will simply mean it really doesn’t work, don’t buy the product until I’m done testing it on me i will come back and let you know if it works or not, I’m going to start using it tomorrow (24 December 2012) I’ll take the before and after pics incase anything happens lol I think it will take 2-3 weeks for a complite test.


  • Kathy

    Hi there, Celltone is being marketed here in NZ & Australia, can you tell me if it is the same product as being sold via Glomail? With Sandra’s comment 29 Oct 2012 I note the editor has stated not the same product – can this be confirmed as we have purchased this product (NZ order) today approx delivery of 7 working days. It sounds quite scary, not good to read users skin is going black, and people are suffering skin problems when they weren’t before. Open to hear all your comments. Many thanks

  • Harris

    Do not know. If the image of the product looks exactly the same, then it probably is. Unless you are able to compare the ingredients – do you have a list of what the ingredients present in the NZ version is?

  • Juanita

    Started to use celltone on 26 December 2012. No black skin, no pimplis, no rashes. Dark marks under my eyes defenitaly not as dark . Skin soft and plumt, BUT AFTER APPLYING THE PRODUCT THE MUSCLE IN THE CORNER OF MY ONE EYE JUMPS AND TWICHES FOR HOURS ON END. Will monitor the results and revert back.

  • Sammy

    Hi i’m sorry i didn’t come back as soon as i was done ‘testing’ celltone on my body,i was too busy and my phone broke so diddn’t have accesss to my emails…ok i said i was going to apply Celltone on my stretch marks behind my knees as instructed..well i did just the way i was supposed to and wow guec what there results were……R499,99 down the drain!!!! mcm i shuld have bought myself a ticket to a festive season event..nothing changed not even to reduce the appearance of stretch marks,yeah I regret buying it and now all i can say about Celltone is that ‘IT DOES NOT WORK NOT EVEN A LITTLE’ i wish i could have said it worked as they said it does but i can’t lie for them,the are just fooling us at Glomail and this has to stop! the truth is that celltone does not work!!
    Thank you.

  • rue

    m zimbabwean had to travel to South africa to buy celltone after seeing it beeing advertised on tv,,it did not work all,money wasted!

  • Theresa Sungani

    Its all about understanding products/chemical compounds and their pharmacological actions, contraindications and side effects. Most importantly, unless we understand nature’s enormous genetic variations, we will not be able to appreciate how differently individuals may respond to one common product!!

    I’m from Lilongwe, Malawi, and just started using Cell tone from Glomail and I’m loving it! In just a week, my skin feels absolutely divine after adverse hydroquinone irritation!!! Its now smoother (acne free) and baby-soft, with just tone to even out !!!

    Natural or synthetic allantoin, Celltone from Glomail is one miracle gel…..when you CHOOSE to use it, be positive, adhere to instruction and most importantly avoid exposure to the sun PERIOD!


    hi guyz i’ve run out of words i was about to buy this cell tone product for my strecth marks but after what i’ve read hai thanks shame this ppl are making money out of false products,thanx guyz for opening our eyes im so disapointed,plz plz plz ppl stop lying to us because we are suffering from many things in our bodies so now u’ve find a way to make money with this products that are not working no this is not right not at all.

  • Judy

    Could anyone tell me honestly why one can not be exposed to the sun when using a snail extract based product no matter what the brand name. I live in Australia and it is dam hard not to be in the sun at all. I swim, have a property and horses so am in the sun in one way or another every day. Just driving in the car the sun comes through the windscreen onto my face with or with out the sunvisor. I was sent two jars of Celltone as a free gift in with another product. Just this alone makes me suspect if it is any good so why give away two jars of this so called wonder gel if it is so good. I have tried a test patch on my arm as the skin on my face is very sensitive to a lot of lotions and potions and I need to know what this gel does if my skin is exposed to the Australian sun. Thank you for your help.

  • Harris

    This product contains allantoin. Allantoin is commonly manufactured synthetically and used in skin creams, although Celltone claims because it is extracted from snails, it is better (it is not). Allantoin may make you more sensitive to the sun. And as other skin creams may also contain allantoin, the same precautions are required with those.

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