Weight-Loss Products – Hoodia

Posted 25 March 2015

Jasmine and Chris Grindlay of Slimbetti have been promoting their Hoodia Gel scam product in South Africa and simply ignoring ASA rulings. Other countries have had similar problems although in many this scam has disappeared off the market.

I have recently come across this article titled “The Controversial Advertising case: Weight-Loss Product— Hoodia” – “Marketing advertising and public policy” published December 19, 2011.

The article makes the point:

“Hoodia was one of the weight loss products that was advertised as a natural and effective remedy by Nutraceuticals International and Stella Labs. Nutraceuticals International and Stella Labs are the suppliers of the ingredient Hoodia gordonii (hoodia), and they claim that consumers are able to lose weight and suppress appetites by using hoodia, which is found in Southern Africa. However, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as a significant regulatory agency in preventing unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the marketplace for the protection of consumers, charged both companies with false and deceptive advertising in violation of Section 5 and 12 of the FTC Act.”

“The hoodia product is one of the examples that demonstrates consumers are easily misled by unproven or worthless weight loss product through false and deceptive acts or practices. Being accused by the FTC, New Jersey-based Stella Labs and Delaware-based Nutraceuticals International were banned from making any weight loss claims related to food, drugs, and dietary supplements. Also, the final settlement imposed multi-millon fines on the two companies. This case is witness to the FTC‟s ongoing efforts to impede bogus health claims.”

The article can be accessed here. In the event the site is not available, it can be read here.

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  • Rebekka

    I would like to let you know that the hoodia fraud in fact started with the products marketed and produced by the pharmaceutical companies mentioned as well as other pharmaceutical companies that did their own research (falsified) and made similar products. the hoodia plant does indeed have weight loss effects, but only as a fresh plant. it is not even supposed to be ingested and the chemical action of suppressing the appetite occurs through mastication. Any hoodia product will in all likelihood therefor not help for weight loss through appetite suppression. most of these products have other ingredients that actually do this, creating the false impression that it works. If you truly do want to loose weight do these few things : STOP eating bread and cut out all wheat and gluten and yeast(yeast makes you hungry – DuH!),Drastically reduce your sugar intake, BAN all artificial sweeteners or other endocrine debilitating additives and colorants from your life and home and body, include healthy oils like butter and avocado and coconut oil and full fat milk into your diet, and reject hydrogenated and genetically modified fats and oils. Exercise moderately or mildly every single day – even a short walk every day is good enough. I am 40 years old, I have had 4 children, I don’t gym or play sports and I have remained the same weight since I was in high school (between 50 and 54 kg’s) I do some exercise and I eat whatever I want as long as I also eat one healthy (salad and vegetables) meal per day. If I overdo it over the festive season and get a size larger… I do more exercise for a week (trampoline with the kids, or walk the dog etc) and drink lots of water, I get extra sunshine (this helps loose weight) and I get up earlier for a while…. It WORKS even though I have always enjoyed larger portion sizes! We don’t have a ‘skinny gene’ in our family, so I am sure it is about consistency and moderation. A good attitude towards youself is the starting point – if you hate yourself, you will MAKE yourself fat.

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