Weight loss at how heavy a cost? 

Posted 20 March 2018

Weight loss at how heavy a cost? by Wendy Knowler

Times Live

A fat burner (Secret Fat Burner) has been revealed to contain a banned substance that has led to some consumers experiencing heart and thyroid complications

“Anyone who knows me would be amazed that I took that product.”

Durban-based insurance broker consultant Chantel Gaillard, 47,  is one of the many who’ve had serious adverse reactions to the “wonder” weight-loss product Secret Fat Burner.

“I’m usually very sceptical about those ‘Lose 3kg in a week without dieting or going to the gym’ type products, believing in the eat less, exercise more approach, but this time my resistance crumbled and I thought I’d give it a try.”

Image: The Secret Fat Burner – Original via Facebook

It was a combination of being desperate to lose weight for a wedding she and her husband were planning to attend

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