Vaginal ‘detox pearls’: the latest in our toxic obsession with disinfection

Posted 11 February 2016

“One of the most popular disinfectant cleaning products sold today was commonly employed as a post-coital douche in the 1920s. Yes, that’s right. The brave women of yesteryear were routinely douching with Lysol to get rid of unwanted odours and also as a form of birth control.”

“In the intervening years, women have learned that we don’t need Lysol to safeguard our dainty feminine allure. We now know that our vaginas are, for the most part, self-sufficient and self-cleaning, naturally able to regulate pH levels with a spate of healthy bacteria and microorganisms.”

[quote]First it was Gwyneth Paltrow advising us to steam our vaginas; now it’s ‘detox pearls’, little sachets of aromatic herbs inserted into the vagina, that are intended to ‘detox’ a woman’s womb. I am not kidding you with this shit.[/quote]

Read the full article by Madeleine Somerville, published in The Guardian

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