USN issues a ‘Take-down’ notice for CamCheck

Posted 18 March 2015

This tells of USN’s CEO, Albe Geldenhuys’ assault on our right to expose and make “fair comment” on the lack of evidence for USN products, and by implication, on the ethics and morals of those involved; and for our (previous) ISP, Hetzner, for not protecting their client and not supporting the principles of the ISPA code of conduct which positions: “ISPA members must respect the constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression”. This aspect is elaborated upon in two articles published in the online community news reporting project, GroundUp:
(Consumer activist forced to move website offshore – Barbara Maregele)
(A stealthy attempt at censorship – Kevin Charleston)

On the 10 March 2015, CamCheck received a “Take-down” request from Hetzner, who in turn received this request from ISPA. ISPA received a letter (see) from USN’s lawyers, Weavind & Weavind, who … Read the rest

4 comments to USN issues a ‘Take-down’ notice for CamCheck

  • Have you considered issueing take-down requests for every web publication that unlawfully claims nonexistent medical benefits? That would after all be fraud, would it not?

  • Kevin Charleston

    Yes – I think they are committing fraud.

    But: I think take-down orders are a useful process – provided they are used properly – for truly unlawful content. Although I’d like to be able to order USN to take down all adverts which I believe are fraudulent – censorship is not a step to be taken lightly. If all possible approaches have been made, through the appropriate bodies (like the ASA), and they agree that USN is in breach, and in contempt – only then should one consider it.

    Willy-nilly issuing takedowns for adverts we don’t think are right reduces their effectiveness when needed – who chooses which are relevant? Some poorly educated admin clerk?

  • Rudi de Lange

    This is a good example of the Streisand effect!

  • […] recently, Dr Steinman and CamCheck were the subject of a takedown notice from Ultimate Sports Nutrition and their founder Albe Geldenhuys, who alleged that “unlawful […]

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