USN linked to company promoting sport supplements in children

Posted 21 April 2016

Readers of CamCheck will be aware that USN and owner, Albe Geldenhuys is suing Dr Harris Steinman for R2 million Rand for the latter calling into question the questionable actions of USN/Geldenhuys.

The journalist, Elaine Swanepoel, has drawn attention in the recent Afrikaans Sunday newspaper, Die Rapport, to USN targeting and marketing to sport supplements to children. Bizarrely, according to the report: “Yet says Albe Geldenhuys, head of USN, to Die Rapport, that primary school children should not under any circumstances be using supplements”.

SportmaxThe claim is made that “The range of products have been tested by the MCC (Medical (sic) Control Council) and are manufactured in Gauteng”. However, the MCC does NOT test products! The product, ToneMax, contains Garcinia cambogia, an ingredient never tested in children, and associated with reports of liver failure!

The mere fact that this product contains Garcinia, an ingredient Read the rest

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