Tri-Vortex Technology – Big scam?

Posted 30 October 2011

Tri-Vortex™ claims that by treating water with a hi-end computer, professional audio software & hardware, amplifiers and a set of domed cylindrical chambers, that they can change the molecular structure of water and give it additional properties.Tri-Vortex is a quantum technology using sound to mimic the rhythms of nature. When

The claims are made that drinking the treated water will have the following effects:

  • Natural pain relief – with no chemicals.
  • Complete hydration – water is structured and offers better cellular hydration.
  • Improved vitality and balance – in both humans and animals.
  • Reduction of negative effects from radiation in cell phones and electronic devices

Frankly, this is baloney and reeks of scam.

The local distributor is Anton Ungerer.

This is his contact details: Address: No. 159 Goodwood Street Kyalami Estate 1684 Gauteng South Africa Telephone: +27 (11) 025-8838 +27 (11) 026-0107 Email: [email protected]

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  • Anton

    The idiot who wrote this article has no idea of how to research anything correctly. The statements and commentary are so incorrect and biased that it is laughable – wonder why I was not interviewed and then a comment made. Or more tangibly – why not try any of the products?Thanks for making yourselves look like fools. If you would care to read and investigate properly, you might have had something different to say. Maybe the idea is to have a competent person making comments on subject matter they understand- someone who has some insight that was not forced down his throat in the guise of a medical degree.
    YES, almost all the results have been replicated!!! But maybe because they havent been done by you has dented your ego slightly. Shame on you.
    In the past  20 years that we have been busy  with this technology, we have probably helped more people in SA (and internationally) – more than you can even wish to help with your pharmaceuticals my friend!
    PS – for the discerning reader, please visit our website – we dont claim as this moron suggests –  that drinking treated water will take away your pain etc is incorrect  – see our website
    In fact, most of the commentary is so out of context and incorrectly compiled – I suppose on purpose, because surely a doctor cant be this stupid.But if you are a doctor, I suppose you have earned the right to say things in any way you wish – wonder if you ever listen to a patient correctly? Makes we wonder how you make anything new available to patients – if this is the the type of gross misinterpretation of information, then I insist on having your contact details so that I can inform patients to stay very far away from you. But then again, if you were a doctor worthy, then you would be helping patients and not crawling on social media networks. Please identify yourself – these acts are quite cowardly – saying horrible things, publishing my details all over the web, and then I cant even respond as an adult, but have to partake in childish commentaries as a teenager.
    If there are those that have published incorrect statements on their websites (re Tri-Vortex) I would correct them if I knew they were doing so.

    I suppose I can understand that you have anger with regard all the new age nonsense and all the so called alternative healthcare movement. Homeopathy is also Taboo to medical science, and yet, I would bet you I can find 1000 homeopaths that are doing a better job at healing people than you are able to. I would be the first to shoot many of the so-called energy products in the foot (as I can do so from a position of strength), but you, making the comments you have made, is indicative that the prejudice is deep – so deep that you have made a fool of yourself.

  • Harris

    Anton, the director/owner of this company, has a right to be angry – I have shown briefly that the claims for his products are little supported by proof or science (except the company's own "proof").

    Readers of CamCheck will be very aware that our research is very diligent and very accurate. No wonder that people selling baloney respond in this very angry way – it is not pleasant to be caught with selling a product with no or little evidence to support it. 

    I will make three comments:

    1. Anton writes: "we dont claim as this moron suggests – that drinking treated water will take away your pain etc is incorrect " This claim is made at which advertises Anton's seminar – who is the moron now?

    2. Don't believe me – but don't believe Anton either. Read widely for yourself. Here is a very balanced and well argued website which concludes: "After the lengthy review of Emoto’s research methods and results, I have come to believe that Dr. Emoto is offering pseudoscience to the masses in the guise of defensible research."

    I also suggest that readers follow up on the references at the Wikipedia website ( and decide for yourselves.

    3. A complaint has been laid against this company and the product's claims with the Advertising Standards Association. Let us see if Anton is able to convince the ASA that the claims can be justified! Want to take a bet that they cannot? 

  • Roy

    I find it interesting that no mention is made in the Tri-Vortex webpages of the "aquaporins" – the family of water channels found in the cell walls in different human, animal and plant tissues.
    A Nobel prize was awarded in 2003 for the discovery of aquaporins. This was a couple of years after Tri-Vortex was established.
    Aquaporins would seem to not distinguish between so-called "chaotic" water molecules or so-called "coherent" water molecules.

  • simone

    I would like to respond to Harris ,i was mortified to find that you have trashed a very good product on the market.
    my question to you is this:
    1.can you scientifically prove that this product is a scam,the reason i ask is that you seem to have trashed alot of products on your website including Dr Patrick Holford's products.
    2.Have you ever tried the tri vortex products?As before one trashes a product one assumes you have tried and tested this product.
    3.Have you ever spoken to the people that have used this product for many years and found that it DOES WORK
    4.Are you paid by the pharmaceutical industry to trash anything they dont make money out of?

  • Harris


    1. Evidence and proof does not require that one disprove a product but that one prove it. In other words, you are suggesting that if you start selling a pink soap and claim that it cures AIDS and cancer, that it is true until I prove that this is not true. I think not! The company needs to prove that it works – that is how science and the law works!

    2. If you read the Patrick Holford article carefully, you will have seen that I was able to show that his claims were all a pack of lies. You on the other hand believe his claims because you believe Patrick Holford, so you are prepared to ignore the evidence that he himseslf supplied and that I showed to be nonsense. Scary stuff!

    3. Do I need to test pink soap to see whether it cures cancer or not before I state that there is no evidence that it does not work? Same here. Check the evidence – you will see many other sites pointing out that  the evidence for this product is absent or very thin.

    4. There is no conspiracy here, I do not represent the pharmacy industry, or any manufacturers or sellers of any products. I simply ask for proof in order to protect consumers, of which I am one.

  • Harris


    Forgot to mention: Did you know that the UK Advertising Standards have ruled against Patrick Holford's claims for products?

    At this site ( is a discussion of the “evidence” for “water memory” (studies conducted by Dr Emoto, among other)

  • Narrow-minded people fear what they don't understand! I know Anton by now for nearly 2 years. I am probably the greatest sceptic and being from a Technical and Research background I want to try and know things personally before I believe anything. Two years ago I met Anton by chance as life sometimes brings the right people over your path (probably another thing the brainwashed Medical and Big Pharma will not understand). At the time I was suffering from severe pains all over my body and joints due to a Tetanus Vaccine I had three years ago and the Aluminium based adjuvent played it's side effects. Again thanks to the "wonderful" and greed driven world of Pharmaceuticals that poison us! As a gift from Anton due to work I did for him on his Chambers I received a Tri-Vortex Bangle. I never told Anton how severe the pains were as I am not someone to complain easily. I was absolutely fascinated by the Technology involved to produce the Tri-Vortex effect and it made complete sense to me. (In fact I wish I had the time and resources to do further research in that direction.) Then started a series of test on myself. It took about three month before the pains started to subside from wearing the bangle and initially I used to remove the Bangle when Showering, often forgetting to put it back on. When the pains came back the next day I caught myself doubting the Bangle only to find that it is because I am not wearing it. By now my pains are completely gone. By co-incidence three days ago I decided to stop wearing the Bangle to see what happens. Within half a day severe pains on me left arm were back (I wear the Bangle on the right arm). I gave it another two days and started feeling terrible. This morning I put it back on and by now I am sitting here writing this response – pain free! Now please tell me that this is a scam? I am living proof that Tri-Vortex works! It takes some time to start working but once your body's molecular system starts to tune in it works. I am definately the greatest critic on anything out there. Although I am very open minded and am prepared to give anything a chance I always want to see and test something before I believe it. In this case I am 100% convinced. We have only started to touch the tip of the Iceberg on Quantum physics and Energies that we cannot even measure yet. The guys at CERN are making new mind blowing discoveries daily that you probably don't even know about. I don't know you from a bar of soap but I know Anton well enough to state that he is a great person and honest man. And it takes a lot of courage to promote such a "controversial" product that people don't yet understand. You should be very careful before you judge! The mere fact that 14 out of 15 people could taste "some" difference in treated water vs untreated water that I gave them in a double blind test!!! should prove at least something does happen to the water. The mere fact that the bangle I am by now wearing for nearly two years is still doing "something" should be considered enough reason to prove Tri-Vortex works. I could go on and on but if you don't get the point by now you will never get it. Actually maybe you did Anton a favor because sometimes bad publicity will make even more people aware of a great product for them to see for themselves that it works. Hope you feel really bad about yourself now!

  • Harris


    I do not doubt your sincerity or belief in this product. However that is not proof for the average consumer – it may only apply to you or only 1% of users. President Zuma showered after having sex with a HIV positive person and did not get AIDS/HIV. That does not mean that showering will prevent AIDS. Consumers believe that the Power Bracelet works, but a proper test found that it did not.

    The claim that "greed driven world of Pharmaceuticals" applies equally to the "greed driven world of alternative medicines" too. Both sides may have products that try to scam consumers. Both sides have greedy people. 

  • Robert

    interesting approaches on what everyone is getting all excited about. Dr. Harris just try the product for yourself and you will see. I broke 4 ribs, compressed my heart and had one of the rids push up against my lung a few weeks ago. Intensive care at sunninghill hospital and all. Took a disk and strapped to my Rib cage where i was injured on day two in intensive care. Doctor was puzzeled and i was intreged with what i had read. I walk out of hospital intensive care that night. No medication not pain killers. Went home and rested for 3 more days. Its now 7 weeks and i have been riding my mountain bike for 3 weeks already, pain free and stong as ever. Simply test i thought but wow did it work and my doctor is even now convinced!!!! dont knock something before you are willing to try it. a simple approach but generally gets you the answer one way or another. I am now a beliver and history will most likely show you were in some way wrong but we should never stop trying to discover otherwise we stop moving forward. Robert.

  • Gail Roberts

    I agree with Carsten. I have personal experience with the products and they have changed the quality of my drinking water, my systemic candida has faded and so on. It has changed major parts of my life and the lives of those around me.
    Harris, with your brain and articulation, perhaps you can help the world become a better place by throwing your energy into what could be as opposed into what you think it can't. It takes no creativity to say why not.
    Bless Mr Ungerer for trying to help. (And in many cases, for no reward). 

  • Harris


    How do you know that it was because of the disc and you would have improved just as quickly without it? I have seen some people do exactly what you describe without any medication or discs!

  • Harris


    My creativity, sceptisism and searching for the truth suggests that these products are scams. I accept that some individuals will truly believe that they are better off for having the product but this is not proof. People may lose weight even from a capsule with only sea sand as an ingredient. Many comments talk about the "goodness" of Anton. It should not be lost on readers that a tiny "Round/Tri Pendant"  sells for around  $136 in Australia (R1,157 !!). ( Nothing is free. 

    Here is the retail price list for the discs:

    Distributors pay for the Tri-Vibes – Stainless Steel Amulet with 27 Inch Neck Chain $150.00 per amulet & ankle chain and the suggested "Minimum Retail Price" is $299.00. No free lunch

    Do you really expect me to buy into this baloney: “Dr Alan Marriott has developed a specialized technique using Tri-Vortex technology. His self help audio programs have been placed onto Tri-Vortex treated MP3 players – not only do you benefit from the course material, but in addition, your vitality and wellbeing ness gets a boost from the effects of the Tri-Vortex treatment of the hardware.”

  • Anton

    The way I responded to your commentary is quite troublesome to me. It has been my baby for many years and if you had been in my shoes (witnessing all the positive impacts we have made) taking unsolicited and misinformed criticism, you might have done the same. In hindsight, the personal inferences about your profession was uncalled for  – and my apology for that – such a pity that the compilation of the attack was so out of context and that you had not contacted me to investigate properly. Be that as it may, I  didnt have to make it personal and am quite shocked at my own response at the time. As with anything, there will be those that accept or reject  – and you had the right to reject what you perceived (I would also have rejected facts as presented above). I suppose many of the  various alternative initiatives are because they reject allopathic medicine ?
    I dont need a response or any further communication on this matter – it us ugly enough as it is and I should not have got involved at this level.

  • Mrs Botha

    This is the last camcheck site I will ever browse, in my opinion camcheck site is a fraud, a scam to get people to test their products, whether with Harris or any other “body” or organisation. The word scam comes to easily to you Harris and one day it will catch up with this site in one legal way or the other. As I said before- antibiotics act differently on people, medicines might work for some and not for others the same rule applies for natural products. The word scam should not be used until proven guilty – where is the saying “Innocent until proven guilty” being applied in your verdicts? Sad really really sad for those inventors of legit natural medication that can replace conventional and sometime dangerous chemical medications

  • Harris

    @Mrs Botha,
    I do not test these products, nor do I have anyone I could recommend these people to. I am simply applying common sense and knowledge of science and warning consumers that many of the untested products may be nothing but scams. In a court of law, people are innocent until proven guilty. When it comes to medicines, they are guilty until proven innocent. Would you be prepared to give your child an antibiotic that I manufactured myself, based on my claim that it works, or would you like to know it has been tested and shown to work?

  • Kelvin

    Is this another debunking claim by an armchair pseudo-skeptic?
    Have you personally tried any of the products or drunk the water resulting from the use of one of the products?
    While I do not claim any personal benefits I have tasted water treated by a Tri- Vortex product & I can state:
    a) the water is more refreshing
    b) the water is discernibly different in blind tasting
    c) results in improved “taste” when used to dilute other beverages

    Your categorical statements ‘reek’ more than the the ‘baloney’ you claim in the product. If you & others of your ilk wish to offer critical statements I direct you to the following site:

    “All truths pass through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

  • Harris

    The science that Vortex claims to explain their process has been debunked over many years – it is not new. It continues to be ridiculed because it conflicts with the basic laws of physics and chemistry.

    Your example of the water tasting different is a perfect example for me to use in response – thank you: my friend has installed a BRITA water filtration system on his tap. I can state:
    a) the water is more refreshing
    b) the water is discernibly different in blind tasting
    c) results in improved “taste” when used to dilute other beverages.
    However Brita does not use baloney scientific claims – they simply filter the water.

    If Vortex’s science was correct, they would have been able to find a credible academic or expert to support their claims – they are unable to, hence the ASA ruling against them. Plain and simple – this is a scam.

    By the way, the site you highly recommend states: “We do not support every quack claim out there, but advocate true skepticism, proper application of the Scientific Method”. Exactly.

  • Kelvin


    It is rather clear to me and others that you are a debunker and not a skeptic (I suggest that you clarify the difference, given that debunking is entirely unscientific).
    Your points are poorly advanced and it is obvious that you have taken a non-neutral stance and that you are protecting this position.
    There is no value to furthering debate given that the position you take is fundamentally flawed. Not being able to recognise this jeopardises the integrity of this site, like a number of other psuedo-skeptic sites that I have reviewed.
    You are in fact misleading the public through your own bias which is patently in favour of outdated theory that does not recognise that Newtonian philosophy is relatively superficial, especially when describing nature at a quantum level.
    I see nothing in any statement you have made which advocates the proper application of scientific method. By your own admission you are ‘applying common sense’. You have merely quoted other sources which offer little outside of conventional protocols that have not been rigorously adapted to unconventional therapies/ technologies, except to debunk them.
    It is interesting to note that this website focuses primarily on alternative therapies (that very often do not have the financial backing to litigation in their defence). Perhaps to retain some semblance of credibility you could target any number of conventional chemical therapies that have been shown to have caused over 100 000 deaths per year in the America WHEN TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED & FDA approved. If you dare.

    Kind regards,

  • Harris

    Definition of debunking: “expose the falseness or hollowness of (an idea or belief)”

    I do not favour orthodox medicine over CAMS – I support any product that has proof of efficacy and safety. I do not have the time to focus on all products that fail this test – as there are many sites focusing on the failure of Big Pharma, I focus on the most obvious scams / pseudoscience / no-proof-products on the South African market, akin to the TAC focussing on AIDS/HIV and not cancer.

    As you are a supporter of the “science” supporting Vortex, please submit evidence from credible sources to support your (and Dr Emoto’s) arguments. Although not a highly credible reference, there is an overview on Dr Emoto on Wikipedia: and

    And here is the kicker: “In 2003, James Randi publicly offered Emoto one million dollars if his results can be reproduced in a double-blind study.” No takers! None. Zero. Zip. Not one in the whole world has been able to reproduce his results. Not even Vortex for if the could, they would pocket 8 million Rand!

  • Kelvin

    Some final comments.

    A small (but important) difference in defining ‘debunk’:
    ‘To expose or RIDICULE (my emphasis) the falseness, sham, or exaggerated claims…’

    As for the “kicker”: James Randi

    This is what Harvard says about Wikipedia:

    “What’s Wrong with Wikipedia?

    There’s nothing more convenient than Wikipedia if you’re looking for some quick information, and when the stakes are low (you need a piece of information to settle a bet with your roommate, or you want to get a basic sense of what what something means…)(…)

    Nevertheless, when you’re doing academic research, you should be extremely cautious about using Wikipedia. (…)”

    My final observation and comment of & on this site (I quote):

    “Pseudo-skeptics are highly selective with their skepticism. Not only do they not question their own beliefs, but they never challenge or apply skepticism to establishment views. A true skeptic examines all sides, including his own. (…)

    Essentially their job is to RIDICULE (my emphasis) and discredit anything that challenges the status quo or establishment view. (…)

    (…) they are deceptive and that’s why they need to be exposed for what they really are.”

    Sadly, in many instances there appears too much ridicule and superficial subjectivity, cloaked in a pretence of authoritative understanding.

    I do however thank you for engaging me and having the strength of character to respond. I respect your intentions with this blog and criticise only the ridicule element of your responses that appear emotionally biased.

    Kind regards,

  • Harris

    Hi Kelvin,

    Readers reading the link to “The myth of James Randi’s million dollar challenge” will do well to read the comments following the article – a number are very pertinent which puts that posting in the proper context.

    Contrary to the author’s comments, James Randi’s rules were little more than what any reasonable scientist would require. Furthermore, many other societies have also posted rewards for evidence in support of extra-ordinary claims and none have been challenged – the same conditions were required – little more than what any reasonable scientist would require. See

    I note my challenge to you to “please submit evidence from credible sources to support your (and Dr Emoto’s) arguments” has not been responded to. The correct scientific approach has never been to prove that a claim is false but to prove that it is true, and the proof is reproducible.

    I am sincere and therefore will always apologise and post a prominent correction if proved wrong in relation to any posting on CamCheck. To date I have seen no evidence to reverse my statements on Vortex.

  • […] Tri-Vortex™ Technology – Big scam? (dt. October 30, 2011) […]

  • Varun

    And you spread this crap in India.Have you ever heard fo placebo was there a double blind test done on this..The burden of proof rests on you fool Anton, Thanks for your mumbo jumbo and taking the world back into dark ages. If you want to make money work your ass out. Do not leech off others money and sentiments. People like you deserve no respect. And for all the people who believ in this go research PLACEBO..

  • Jerry

    The Vortex Disc has worked every time I have tried it. Skeptical wife and others were amazed on the decrease in swelling, pain and inflammation. Now, I am trying the Tri-Vibe. Do not believe anything you read or hear. Just do you own investigation!!!

  • Harris

    It is incredible how individuals will continue to believe in a product even if it simply has no basis to work. I recently met a woman wearing a PowerBalance Bracelet on both arms, in spite of evidence showing that it has zero efficacy. (

  • The regulatory system in South Africa is horrendously bad. The agency making the decision had no scientific background to investigate nevertheless make a decision related to the single complaint nor the thorough rebuttal of the complaint and did not hire a third party to referee the claims made by both sides.

    The decision to ban the claims was based upon guesswork and not an analysis of any scientific data

  • Harris

    Brian David Andersen is a member of Trivortex. He is correct by stating that the South African regulatory system is bad. And although the regulatory agency who made the decision are not scientists, the fact is that TriVortex had simply zero science to back up their claims, hence it was an easy decision. No need to hire a third party to referee the claims when the science is sheer fantasy. No guesswork involved, simply zero scientific data (although tons of pseudoscience, what New Scientist magazine would call “fruitloopery”!)

  • I am not a member of Tri-Vortex, I am the founder, inventor and scientist of Tri-vortex Technology from the United States. Anton was a distributor not the creator of Tri-Vortex Technology.

    What science is needed for proof and what constitutes your definition of pseudoscience?

    The molecules inside a human, animal and plant cell are the same but the only difference is the arrangement of the molecules. The most important common denominator of humans, animals and plants is traditional scientists discovered in the late 1990s that all biological entities are enveloped by Phosphorous based sheaths. Therefore when plants have a change or improvement, the implications are the same benefits can be derived from and by humans and animals.

    On the Tri-Vortex Technology Research page are numerous examples how waters treated by the Tri-Vortex Technology disc impact the growth and chlorophyl rates of plants and also human blood and sperm.

    Harris, are you and the South African regulartory system arrogant enough to label the plant studies psuedescience?

    How are you and the South African regulatory system qualified to make such a judgement? You and especially the South African regulatory system are not qualified therefore third party referee is the only method of determining what is science and pseudoscience.

    However, had the complaint against Tri-Vortex Technology been made in any other government agency outside of South Africa, the text would be simply discarded with no prejudice.

    To have one complaint determine the fate of health related business in any country is totally absurd. The individual who made the complaint against Tri-Vortex Technology in South Africa, took full advantage of the mistakes being made by the new and struggling South African government.

    The foundation of compassionate health care is “Do no harm.” Tri-Vortex Technology has never harmed any individual or group. Harris, please bring forward one individual who believes they are a victim of Tri-Vortex Technology.

    Tri-Vortex Technology has always offered a minimum of a 30 day money back guarantee. The only time that I have refunded any monies has been one customer had a financial crisis and desparately needed the refund. Otherwise I have sold thousands of Tri-Vortex Technology items and have never been asked for a refund.

    But South Africa is a victim of one small person who made a meaningless complaint. That individual never tried nor tested a Tri-Vortex Technology product so they could have some sort of basis for the complaint.

    Tri-Vortex Technology has never harmed any customer but the small person who filed the complaint with a sputtering and incompetent government regulatory agency harmed all South Africans and now also wants to harm citizens in India.

    Harris your claims and accusations are covered up by unqualified government workers so your victory is hollow and meaningless but harms all South Africans.

  • Roy

    @Brian David Andersen,

    This product has not been assessed by the “South African regulatory system” – only the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) as far as advertising claims go. Medical devices such as this would be regulated by The Medicines and Related Substances Act – and draft regulations for medical devices were publishcd for comment in 2011. There appears to have been no progress since then. Medical devices will also be regulated by the new South African Health Products Regulatory Authority when that is finally established.

  • Harris

    I am the one that made the complaint (to the ASA). I asked credible physics/physiology experts to evaluate your claims. All concurred, “rubbish”, “pseudoscience”. I concur. In other words, taking a fact proven in one context and extrapolating it out of context to another inappropriate context.

    I have been working in the field of “bullsh_t” for long enough to know how individuals caught out will respond to their nonsense being illuminated. Selling an expensive trinket with no benefit IS harm (financial). Your “research page” lists your own unpublished, non-peer-reviewed “research”. Means zip. Could simply be evidence of your fantasy/belief/delusion.

    I bet readers right now that you will NOT be able to furnish me with the names of 5 world-wide peer-supported academic experts that support the claims for your products. How about 2?

  • Carsten Siebeck

    I don’t know you from a Bar of soap and I am glad I don’t know you. It seems to me you have some sort of personal vendetta against Anton or maybe it is the same kind of mentality fanatically Religious people had in the middle ages when people like Davinci and Galileo or even later Tesla lived. Why is it so easy to criticize something when you hardly even know the tip of the Iceberg of what is really out there in the Scientific Universe. I have observed and tested Tri-Vortex Products now since at past 4 years or more. I am living proof that the Bangle I wear that Anton gave me as a present for work done WORKS! The plants I water with Tri-Vortex treated water grow healthier than those that don’t. I can go on just as endless as you. I am a real sceptic and due to the type of work I do I keep informed about everything happening in Quantum Physics and Science. If you start informing yourself OBJECTIVELY – which you probably cannot. You would know that there is much more to Life than just what you see. Here is a link to a recent publication where Russian Scientists were able to manipulate DNA by use of a Laser and harmonics. All of Life revolves around frequency and Energy. This Tachyon Energy comes from the deep origins of Space and are what formed all of life. This is what the Tri-Vortex Technology incorporates. These products are not just made and sold, they are treated with this type of Energy. I do not want to divulge more information as I am sure it is confidential. The bottom line is: There is SCIENCE behind this. Why don’t you go and attack the Big Pharmaceutical Companies that make dangerous Chemical Drugs that kill thousands of people? have you ever looked at the statistics of that? How many people could Tri-Vortex ever harm? But I guess people like you will never change. I do not wish to become personal but it is sad that especially we South Africans are so fast to jump on the Band Wagon and judge everything we don’t understand, or blame failure on previous occurrences. If you can post proof of exact Scientific Research that can beyond a shadow of doubt prove that there is absolutely No difference between a Tri-Vortex product and a normal product you might have some readers believe you. I am confident that you cannot. First do your homework before making accusations. And by the way I don’t work for Tri-Vortex, I design and develop advanced Technology. I have nothing to gain from writing this but after observing this kind of Ignorance I cannot stand by and observe how a Life Changing Product gets dragged through the mud. BE OBJECTIVE!

  • Harris

    I am completely objective. Your evidence is based on a subjective opinion and not from being objective. The fact that you feel you have benefited does not constitute proof. Give me proper scientific evidence that the TriVortex product works, not anecdotes. Anecdotes do not add up to data. By way of example, I recently met a woman who wears a Power Balance Bracelet on both arms. Great for her. But a scientific placebo controlled study showed that no more benefited from this device than those wearing a placebo inactive bracelet.

    Your “recent publication” is simply an Internet site promoting a way of thinking and not a peer-reviewed published scientific article. People often point out how Da Vinci and Galileo were ahead of their time, but thousands of others of that era turned out to be deluded in their claims.

    All I ask of readers is to be objective, i.e., to be swayed by proper proof and not subjective testimonials. Same applies to Big Pharma.

  • Carsten Siebeck

    Ahhh Whatever. I am not going to waste more of my precious time on Ignorance. Maybe in your next Life it will come right. Maybe you need another 10…. enough said!

  • Harris

    Please furnish me with ONE study that demonstrates beyond doubt that the TriVortex device works. One. In the world of 7.082 billion people, I ask that you please supply me ONLY ONE peer-reviewed study. Bet you that you cannot . . . . enough said!

  • When the United States was a functional Constitutional Republic (now slipping into a dictatorial state far worse the NAZI Germany) there was a founding principle that protected all citizens called “Due Process of Law.”

    Every citizen, no matter what their social rank, wealth or disposition, had the right to be heard and their cause, alleged violation or crime could follow a course through a bureaucratic or judicial system so the individual could have their days in court in front of fair and impartial judges and/or juries.

    One single meaningless complaint by an individual ( you, Harris) who intended to pervert a broken down bureaucratic system (ASA) to force his (your) values, agenda and prejudices on the people of South Africa is a total violation and negation of the common sense principle known as due process of law.

    How many of the so called “experts” you consulted with have had any education or experience with subtle energy systems or items? None. So the “expert’s” prejudices based upon their ignorance’s and fears were hoisted up your flagpole as you went charging into to the dysfunctional ASA with your perverted agenda.

    Because Tri-Vortex Technology was deprived of any kind of due process of law and did not have the opportunity of presenting to impartial referees nor present a case in a court of law, Anton’s freedom of speech (advertising on the Internet) was crushed and destroyed. The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of freedom of speech so the citizenry is protected from fanatical tyrants such as you Harris and the bumbling bureaucrats employed by the ASA.

    Depriving Tri-Vortex Technology of due process of law and stifling Anton’s freedom speech created a situation for the people of South Africa that is just as worse as the dark days and functions of Apartheid. Due to the ASA decision regarding Tri-Vortex Technology, the populace of South Africa lost their Freedom of Choice.

    The peoples of South Africa have the right to be informed about and purchase a product that cannot harm them in any manner and has a money back guarantee yet has no “empirical data” to back up any claims. The people have the right and freedom to exercise the function known as “Buyer Beware” but the right and freedom have been deprived by one single meaningless complaint by a prejudiced individual with a perverted agenda and the dysfunctional ASA.

    What is so very sad is that you Harris and people like you swing your intellectual sword of demanding “empirical data” but your fears and prejudices bar you from taking action to conduct any kind of tests yourselves. Your hands-off, living strictly in your head – non-involvement are the ultimate states of cowardice and immaturity.

    Countless “skeptics” who have taken the time to actually test Tri-Vortex Technology products, are very impressed with the abilities of the disc and other items. Those “skeptics’ had the courage to overcome their fears and conduct fair and balanced tests. Harris do you know the true definition of nevertheless practice the word “courage?” Another classic example of cowardice is

    The “Amazing” Randi

    When first starting Tri-Vortex Technology in the early 1990s,I had interactions with James Randi who wanted me to conduct smell and taste tests to prove the efficacy of the Tri-Vortex Technology items and compete for his “one million dollar prize.” Randi’s amateur protocols called for me to be the smell and taste tester. When I countered his cloddish protocols with far stricter and professional standards and practices for the smell and taste tests, The “Amazing” Randi went amazingly silent during his total retreat into his day to day state of cowardice and immaturity.

    I feel and believe you Harris and James Randi have every right to exercise your freedom of speech while communicating a warped agenda that you mask and market as “skepticism.” Regretfully, for now, only we in the United States are protected from you and Randi’s agenda to negate an individual’s right to due process of law and exercise the freedoms of speech and choice while practicing the right of “Buyer Beware.”

    Peoples of all races had to overcome the tyranny of Apartheid in South Africa and other nations. One of the many struggles facing all South Africans and the world populace in 2013 and beyond is to protect the citizenry from you Harris and your perverted agenda that crushes all rights and freedoms. I enthusiastically join and support the long-term pivotal struggle to protect and defend the rights and freedoms of all South Africans and every human on planet Earth.

    Harris, will your epitaph and karma be?

    “A fearful and prejudiced intellectual who wheeled perverted power in a dysfunctional governmental system that crushed all common sense freedoms, rights and liberties.”

    Yes, karma, as in reincarnation. But then I do not believe in reincarnation. And in my past lifetime, I also did not believe in reincarnation.

    • Dr. Phillip R. Landis, ND, DD, ShaShirt

      In 2017, Mr. Anderson submitted his brand of research to the Nemenhah ITO, which had for years actually approved some of the TriVortex tech as Sacred Objects for the use of our Ministers in the Ceremonies of Healing, but because of clarification of policy and the prevalence and popularity of pseudoscience, began requiring re-application from all its providers.

      In one research he submitted involving plant growth, he provided photographs showing before and after results. In that experiment, it became obvious that an entire grouping of plants had been removed without report. The examiners were expected to accept the research as valid, even though an entire section of it was removed from scrutiny. The findings were in favor of the so-called “technology.” This kind of research manipulation is not acceptable and tends to sully the most even the most sophisticated argument.

      In a second application submittal, lab work was provided for a very sick person. The lab expressed findings numerically and graphically, noting the average “normal” as a basis for comparison. The graphical representations were manipulated to “show” in favor of the so-called “technology.” Graphical expression in the before and after panels were altered so that statistically identical (within SME) were expressed as over-marginal improvement. The Lab has obviously allowed enough latitude in the reporting process to “cook the books.”

      Mr. Anderson also made reference to a great deal of other “proofs and findings” for which the Examiners requested some kind (anything would have been helpful) of verification. The request itself was rejected and the application was withdrawn.

      The running argument and vitriolic that ensued has been a constant caustic that Mr. Anderson can’t find room in himself to let go of.

      I have seen the absolute power of faith in healing. I am a Practicing Minister of the Sacred Sahaptan Healing Way, and we understand the value of many things that simply cannot be “proven” by so-called science, but Tri-Vortex chooses to use the language of science to sell itself. It therefore remains for Tri-Vortex to provide credible science to back its claims and representations.

      I have personal knowledge of what the crime of Fraud and Deception really is. In 1999, I was convicted of Theft By Deception in connection with Natural Healing, and I was sentenced to serve jail time. Many Naturopaths have suffered the same fate, and I do not lament the experience, but I can tell you that by definition, it is Tri-Vortex, because of the manner in which it has chosen to make its claims and representations, that must offer evidence, not anyone else. You may cast stones at my character all you want, gentlemen, but the fact remains, in a moment when you were asked by the folks who wanted to support you to provide research materials as a part of an application for approval for general use, what you provided was at best troubling, and in the worst light – downright fraud.

      We wanted to support you, and you convicted yourselves in our eyes. No one should be writing epitaphs just quite yet.

  • Carsten Siebeck

    If I had as much time on my hands as you I would gladly do all the tests in the World. And being a Researcher-type of person I will find evidence to prove at least that there is something. Unfortunately for this I would need the kind of Technology as is used in the Billion Dollar Particle Accelerators. Which brings me to the next fact. We all knew the Higgs Boson existed but until recently and with huge amounts of money no-one could prove it. Yet we all used related Technologies as spin-off products from Various Researches. The Tri-Vortex Energy is easy to measure while the products are treated but once treated you would need highly sophisticated Technology to prove it is present. But what I did do out of own skepticism was to use ten people in a double blind study to each taste three Glasses of Water. One was treated for 5 minutes, one for 15 minutes and one not at all. All the same Glasses, rinsed out the same, filled with the same Water. All people were alone during testing. The result: 9 out of 10 people had the same answer saying that the 15 minute Water (only I knew which glass that was) tasted different and better than usual. Again I can go on and on but I don’t think it will make any difference. Oh just another thing. Strange that we; that defend Tri-Vortex, are not afraid to show our full Name… just wondering?!

  • Harris

    My full name appears on the About page.

    Comparing Vortex technology to the Higgs boson is a logical fallacy ( Thousands of scientists concur and have published scientific arguments in support of the Higgs boson. In the case of Vortex, it is apparent that only a handful of people belief in this nonsense/non-science: a “theory” which is unpublished and not peer reviewed. Indeed, the arguments in favour of Vortex is a form of tautology: because A is true and B is true, if we apply them to C, then it must be true when in fact it may be that in fact A and B cannot be applied to C, i.e., is a non-sequitur.

    Your evidence is from an unblinded test. In medicine, hundreds of studies have demonstrated how researchers have subconsciously influenced results, and in fact, I have witnessed it in research I have been involved in.

  • Because the clinical trial – peer review model has been raised to the status of God testifying, this post takes the time to humanize this mantra by Harris.

    Big Pharma and the chemical industry have made a shambles of the clinical trial – peer review requirement in any debate. Evidence is now surfacing that the statistics in numerous Big Pharma and chemical clinical trials were manipulated or outright faked in the 1990s and 2000’s The false clinical trials were “peer” reviewed by other scientists who were overtly and secretly on Big Pharma and Monsanto pay roles. Drugs and chemicals that were totally unsafe or ineffective were hoisted onto the market place by this sham from beginning to end.

    Ten years ago two tenured university financial gurus wrote a paper supporting the Austrian economics model that was hailed as genius by the so called experts who peer reviewed the paper. Six months ago a PhD student simply did a 1+ 1 mathematical analysis of the numbers presented in the paper. The want-to-be PhD conclusively proved the math was wrong and the statistics proved reality was totally opposite from the conclusion made by the authors. He now being hailed as a hero. Either the writers and peer reviewers are dumber than dirt or again, the research paper – peer review process is a rigged game from the start to end.

    Ten years ago scientists at Oxford University and representatives from companies manufacturing surface tension instruments tested waters treated by the Tri-Vortex Technology Disc. I wrote-up strict protocols to follow because the surface tension instruments are biased towards surfactants but simple steps will insure accurate readings. The protocols were not followed but scientific history was made anyway. For the first time in the history of measuring surface tension, the test results were inconclusive. Normal surface tension test results are black and white and NOT – well the woman is sort of pregnant. Despite having an open invitation to test the Tri-Vortex Technology Disc again at Oxford, I have refused because I want to be present during the testing.

    Why do I need to be present? Because I will be the only person who has had any experience with subtle energy items to be present during the tests. The results will always be inconclusive due to the scientists refusing to have any kind of experiences with the Tri-Vortex Technology Disc as detailed in the product instructions.

    If one of the participants had penned a paper for publication detailing the Oxford surface tension tests and the results, who would have been qualified to peer review the text? Any scientist including you Harris who has had NO experience with the Tri-Vortex Technology Disc as detailed in the product instructions would be totally disqualified as a “peer” because that word means “a person of the same age, status, ability or experience as another specified person.” Any person who refuses to experience the Tri-Vortex Technology Disc as detailed in the product instructions DOES NOT have the same status, ability nor experience as me, the inventor, therefore they and especially you Harris are not my peer no matter how big your ego.

    The first totally blind clinical trial involving a Tri-Vortex Technology was completed two years ago. I have refused to post the actual numbers because I do not want unqualified persons such as you Harris who have no experience with the Tri-Vortex Technology Tri-Vibes as detailed in the product instructions to make an inaccurate and erroneous analysis of the data. I will make the statistics available to qualified individuals who have taken the time to test the Tri-Vibes as detailed in the product instructions and are my peer.

    Fifteen years ago I met a researcher for a Big Pharma company and the individual assisted in writing and analyzing clinical trials. Eventually the researcher became an independent consultant and now flies in private Big Pharma jets. Ten years ago the researcher/consultant detailed to me the realty of clinical trials as interpreted by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other government health related agencies outside America. The first thing the FDA does when analyzing a clinical trial is look at the very bottom line – how much did the clinical trial cost? If a clinical trial cost under $1,500.000.00 US, the FDA tosses the results in the trash and does not go any further in analyzing the data.

    A clinical trial costing $500,000.00 and having impeccable protocols and compliance simply does not get any consideration from the FDA and the application is denied. A sloppy clinical trial paid by Big Pharma costing more than 1.5 million dollars is given red-carpet consideration. The field of laser therapies was caught up in this scam for decades because most of the companies could not afford a 1.5 million dollar clinical trial. However, those non-Big Pharma companies who met the hidden 1.5 million dollar benchmark were skewed by the FDA when they chose the non-pharmaceutical clinical trial be reviewed by “peers” who were on the Big Pharma pay roles.

    Regretfully Tri-Vortex Technology clinical trials will not have fair and balanced peer reviews until the traditional scientific community steps out their cognitive dissonance and investigate the paradigm shift that is inherent in the field of subtle energy and Tri-Vortex Technology.

    Cognitive dissonance and immature denial are the states of mind where one believes the clinical trial – peer review model is the word of God or has total and unquestionable validity…sound familiar Harris? But then you will not also address the issue of you crushing all South Africans from having the right of “Freedom of Choice” by manipulating and taking advantage of the dysfunction ASA.

    These issues should have been brought up with laymen and scientific referees hired by the ASA to assess the charges made against Tri-Vortex Technology by alleged victims of Tri-Vortex Technology. Convening a panel of referees based upon the complaint of one person who has never purchased, tested or used or supposedly been harmed in a physical or financial manner by a Tri-Vortex Technology product is an absurd violation of the common sense right and freedom of due process of law.

    Harris, your mantra of “clinical trial and peer review” is like your victory with the ASA… hollow and meaningless on so many levels but the bottom line is that your manipulations retrograded the Freedoms and Rights of ALL South Africans to the worst days of Apartheid.

    Sadly you are in total cognitive dissonance and denial of this stark and ridiculous reality.

  • Harris

    @Brian David Andersen
    I have posted Brian David Andersen’s voluminous postings for two reasons: 1) to give him right to reply, and, 2) to illustrate a perfect example of straw man position. (A straw man is a type of argument and is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent’s position. “By exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone’s argument, it’s much easier to present your own position as being reasonable, but this kind of dishonesty serves to undermine honest rational debate”. His argument is loaded with logical fallacies, e.g., ad ignorantiam and non-sequitur. (

    The facts are:
    1. Brian David Andersen is not a scientist, he is “an inventor”
    2. His primary goal is commercial; hence his arguments need to be considered with that in mind.
    3. There is no objective proof that this product works,
    4. The arguments are contrary to known principles of physiology and physics,
    5. Pseudoscience is employed to support the claims for TriVortex

    I will arrange double blind studies by international credible scientists at the University of Cape Town to ascertain whether water tastes better and whether cut flowers lasts longer using the TriVortex technology (not the science – but whether the product actually works!), with the proviso that:
    1) Brian David Andersen sends me 10-20 Trivortex units,
    2) the results are published on my blog, and,
    3) if the results are negative, that Brian David Andersen stops making these claims for his product.

    Bet you that Brian David Andersen will demand preconditions arguing that he “will be the only person who has had any experience with subtle energy items”. Nonsense. In the real world, if I use the product I do not need him to be present to confirm whether the product works or not.

  • I inputed Tri-Vortex Technology into a search engine and this webpage was the second reference. The last post available on the webpage was May 5, 2013 by Harris. When I posted the reply above, the additional posts appeared when I loaded page a second time.

    Do not know if posts stopped at May 5, 2013 by a computer glitch or on purpose.

    Harris, are you prepared to test Tri-Vortex Technology items in a fair, balanced and scientific manner that will potentially reverse the ASA decision?

    You have avoided such as task for one year. Is this your choice or has pressure been put on you by your Big Pharma interests to cease all communication with me?

    Brian David Andersen

    • Harris

      There is no pressure from anyone, including Big Pharma, to not communicate with you.

      I have been in communication with a network including scientist to get more information on you and the “science” behind your products. I agree with all who I have engaged with: your claims are nonsense, or to put it nicely, “unproven beliefs”. The physiological basis to your product’s claims are implausible and have been debunked elsewhere, including that of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s beliefs which underpin some of your assertions.

      As I am not a research organisation, I do not conduct studies. As an objective commentator, I cannot conduct studies. The fact is this: you are based in the USA that has thousands of academic institutions that could conduct this research for you, and have not.

      This is a point that is very pertinent- why does not a SINGLE academic institution want to investigate your product? Of thousands of academic institutions throughout the world, surely your “ground-breaking” claims would be investigated by at least ONE?

      It is important for scientists to keep an open mind, but not the point where everything just falls out. Your explanation of why the scam buster, James Randi has dismissed your claims, “James Randi proposed protocols that were amateur and he withdrew when confronted with far more professional standards” is rubbish – here you had an opportunity to prove your product using protocols that were amateurish and you did not accept the challenge? Come on Brian, how stupid do I seem? James Randi has detailed many scam artists who operate exactly the same way you do – they decline his “protocols” because they are not rigorous enough, because they do not consider the observers academic enough, and a myriad of other cop-outs.

      The facts are very simple to appreciate:
      1. Trivortex makes claims that are physiologically highly unlikely, and frankly, bizarre.
      2. The physiological basis of the Trivortex has been discounted elsewhere, e.g., Dr. Masaru Emoto’s “science”
      3. Trivortex has been in operation for many years: yet you are unable to supply evidence of a single academic institutions that you approached and were willing to do research on Trivortex.
      4. Without vigorous peer-reviewed proof, stop making unsubstantiated claims for your product.

      Readers should be aware that James Randi is regarded as one of the most credible quack and scam busters in the world. Even the very famous and credible magazine, Nature, have utilised his services in busting charlatans. [1, 2] At the James Randi Foundation website, an article regarding the Trivortex can be read. [3]


      This posting was first made in October 2011. Two years and 4 months on, Brian Anderson has not been able to supply us with a single study conducted by a reputable academic institution. Even if you do not agree with my posting, are you not curious as to why this is so? But wait, there’s more! Considering that Trivortex has been around even before October 2011, and not a single study to confirm the claims?

  • First prove your statements.

    What are the name of the scientists whom you have you been in contact with that have had experiences with Tri-Vortex Technology products and state they do not work? Who has scientifically debunked Tri-Vortex Technology products?

    Put up or shutup and withdraw and apologize for your the opening statements (lies) of your last post.

    Please examine the Tri-Vortex Technology America website. I have two pictures posted by Dr. Emoto on the research page that were taken in cooperation with Anton Ungerer.

    Other than those two pictures, I do not use nor do I have anything to do with Emoto’s research.

    In an earlier post you stated

    “I will arrange double blind studies by international credible scientists at the University of Cape Town to ascertain whether water tastes better and whether cut flowers lasts longer using the TriVortex technology (not the science – but whether the product actually works!), with the proviso that:

    1) Brian David Andersen sends me 10-20 Trivortex units,
    2) the results are published on my blog, and,
    3) if the results are negative, that Brian David Andersen stops making these claims for his product.”

    So basically your word and commitments are meaningless. I countered your proposal with a thorough scientific study that would involve the ASA and you write the gibberish above ONE YEAR LATER.

    When I countered James Randi’s challenge with more rigorous and scientific methods he withdrew from all negotiations on how to run the trial

    When I countered your chanllege by proposing the participation of the ASA you withdrew from all negotiations on how to run the trial.

    Your withdrawal and breaking your word and declartions are clearly stated in the progression of this blog.

    Are you and James Randi cowards and blatant liars?

    And as I stated to you earlier posts about your requirement for peer reviews… who are my peers?… a person like you whose word and declartions are worthless and makes false accusations as you did at the beginning of your last post will never be my peer nor the peer of honest and rational individuals.

    • Harris

      Brian is correct in that I initially agreed to attempt to have research conducted on his scam. No promise was given. However, after discussion with ethics experts, it was clear that it would compromise my independence. Researchers can change their mind and withdraw from research anytime, nothing untoward about that. Previously as a researcher, I had to ditch a number of research projects for various reasons. And as pointed out, the ASA never conduct trials, ever.

      Brian states “What are the name of the scientists whom you have you been in contact with that have had experiences with Tri-Vortex Technology products and state they do not work?” and “Put up or shutup and withdraw and apologize for your the opening statements (lies) of your last post”.

      Brian just does not get it: it is NOT for scientists to debunk a product but the inventor to prove that it works. Brian has not. So the question should actually read: “what are the names of the (credible) scientists who confirm that the Tri-Vortex works – Put up or shut up”. Five to ten years down the line, not a single name? In the whole world?

      Note Brian’s attempt at deflection: I ask for the names of credible experts who supports his product – he cannot, so he deflects by attacking me instead. I have done a thorough search for any reputable scientific support for this product. It appears to be nonexistent. Come on Brian, no names come to mind, not even a single one?

      I am going to stick to my guns and simply reiterate a very valid and highly pertinent fact: until Brian Anderson supplies evidence from acknowledged experts, i.e., credible research (proof), one has to view the Tri-Vortex as unsubstantiated drivel – and likely a scam.

      I will be the first to apologise if shown to be wrong.

  • Harris,

    I never have made the claim that any traditionally trained scientists have formally tested or proven any aspects of Tri-Vortex Technology.

    The proofs provided on the Tri-Vortex Technology website are tests and studies conducted by various independent individuals using proven scientific testing instruments and protocols. The debukings of the ridiculous and corupt peer rewiew process I proved in previous posts of this blog have never been addressed by you.

    You, Harris made the claim you have been in contact with scientists who have information about Tri-Vortex Technology

    You Harris made the claim ” your product’s claims are implausible and have been debunked elsewhere.”

    Name the scientists who provided you information about Tri-Vortex Technology products and their experiences with Tri-Vortex Technology products and give your sources for “elsewhere.”

    And of course you cannnot provide names and sources because there are none and you simply fabricated that statement in an attempt to cover your breaking your word and statement about arranging for testing Tri-Vortex Technology products. Your attempt miserably failed are very untoward.

    Please provide the names of the ethics experts who advised you not to participate in a testing of Tri-Vortex Technology products. Did they provide you a written advisement? Of course not because there are no such individuals as “ethics experts.” You fabricated communicating with the informative scientists and ethics experts and there is no such reality as “elsewhere.”

    Why did you omit posting your withdrawl from the Tri-Vortex Technology testing on this blog nor send me a private email when you concluded your interactions with your phantom “ethics expert?”

    You have managed to totally destroy any credibilty you might have on a blog you operate. How absurd. And all I did was just propose a logical and simple test.

    Any moran can figure out that the ASA does not initiate any testing. My proposal would simply have ASA appoint a referee for the study. Are you qualified to represent the ASA to determine they would or would not want to provide a referee for a study?

    The ASA should have that decision… not you. Since when do you represent the ASA?

    You really are a piece of academic horror (whorer?) art.

    Brian David Andersen

    • Harris

      I repeat: until Brian Anderson supplies evidence from acknowledged experts, i.e., credible research (proof), one has to view the Tri-Vortex as unsubstantiated drivel – and likely a scam.

      Until then, to paraphrase Brian Anderson, he has managed (all on his own) to totally destroy any credibility he might have for the Tri-Vortex.

      • Harris

        Actually, it takes more backbone to decline research than to go with the flow. And considering that you do not want to give your real name, who is the “spineless whoopsy”? HOLY LOL!

  • N.Y.National

    reading this entire page has been fascinating to say the least.I have learned about the different types of fallacy used in arguments as well as a better grasp of the need of basic science applied objectively when testing the claims of any product.The request that you accept personal testimonial in place of objective and repeated proof that a claim is true is shocking and a little bizarre to me.I came to this site because I was confused by the tri vortex sites lack of direct and plainly spoken English.I like reading science fiction.Quantum entanglement sounds exciting but can someone please prove it when I am asked to part with my worthless yet hard earned fed reserve notes.I was at a site called “Dancing with Water” where they promote water structuring and copper wire coiled in an ancient “three coiled” pattern and a twisted copper hoop called a tensor ring.I have read about a man named Lakhovsky who expanded some theories of Tesla on something called radiant energy.The structured water site lead me to the tri-vortex site and that is when I felt I had entered into the whelm of the fantastic.At first I thought the claim was the power of the coiled spiral design engraved or impressed into the metal.When I realized the effect came from the result of a special chamber with sound effects impregnating the “Device”. I had two opinions at once. First, every other piece of metal in our daily lives must be impregnated with dangerous or harmful energy or second, I smell snake oil.
    I think that if any of these claimants were sincere in what they offered as a health benefit to the world at large that they ,whom ever these salespersons and agents are,would find as many independent lab,societies and universities willing to have a go at it and let the results speak for themselves.Based of what I have read of the types of comments and their contents.I vote SCAM;the power of the placebo is great but it must not be abused.P.S. could you please look into a product called “ORMUS” and another called “ORGONITE”;thank you.

    • Harris

      Thanks for your submission.
      I assume your statement “[T]he request that you accept personal testimonial in place of objective and repeated proof that a claim is true is shocking and a little bizarre to me” was directed at Brian Anderson? Certainly I believe the opposite. I will look at ORMUS!

  • Brian David Andersen

    NY National,

    Thanks for the comments but do your actions go beyond just typing your unsubstantiated opinions on a keyboard?

    All of the distributors of Tri-Vortex Technology have conducted some sort of tests before investing their time and money into the Disc, Tri-Vibes, Star Laser, Tri-Intra-Sound, Ionic Toothbrush, Meter Ring, Stem Cell Stimulator and more subtle energy items placed in the treatment chamber. Some samples of these tests and other tests conducted by me and other researchers are at

    If you do not understand the plain English written on the posts then I suggest a remedial course in your native language.

    Do you need someone to think, feel and act for you before you invest a mere $75.00 into a product? Unlike you, Tri-Vortex Technology distributors do not want others, no matter how “educated”, to think, feel and act for them.

    All Tri-Vortex Technology products come with a 30-day money back guarantee and there has been a total of five refunds in the past 22 years of operation with no complaints by consumers with the FTC or FDA. A majority of the refunds were made due unexpected financial stress by the consumer and not because the Tri-Vortex Technology items did not function as advertised.

    Only one complaint to the FDA and FTC has been made against Tri-Vortex Technology in the 22 year history. The person who filed the complaint is none other than Harris, a non consumer and editor of this forum. Harris has had the opportunity to conduct scientific tests with Tri-Vortex Technology products provided to him at no charge but he has declined.

    And I have not been contacted by any US agency based upon a complaint made by Harris.

    However, when Harris made the only complaint against Tri-Vortex Technology with the struggling South Africa regulatory agency, the Tri-Vortex Technology distributor was stripped of his freedom of speech and the South African consumer was prevented from having freedom of choice.

    Do the loss of these freedoms mean anything to Harris?

    But understand I am cautious about the attitudes of the academic community conducting tests with Tri-Vortex Technology items.

    As I stated the following experience on this forum before…
    Fourteen years ago Oxford University and manufacturers of surface tension devices tested liquids exposed to the Tri-Vortex Technology Disc.

    Because Tri-Vortex Disc is not a surfactant, the protocols must be slightly altered to produce satisfactory results. I requested the scientists complete two sets of tests. – one with the normal protocols and a second with the protocols slightly altered.

    Despite the scientists ignoring my protocols, history was made because they declared the testing as inconclusive. Surface tension results are never inconclusive.
    But were the results really inconclusive?

    A surfactant immediately lowers surface tension but the Tri-Vortex Technology Disc, according to the Oxford tests results, lowers the surface tension over a period of 30 seconds to three minutes.

    Because the Tri-Vortex Technology Disc did not lower the surface tension in same amount of time as a surfactant, they declared the results inconclusive and they never sought any further testing.
    Was their conclusion and their not seeking out any further testing fair and balanced and in the best interests of the consumer?

    Definitely not.

    NY National – your arm chair comments are basically a waste of time and your accusatory word “Scam” has no proof or foundation whatsoever.

    Brian David Andersen

    • Harris

      The deceit just does not end.
      The Federal Trade Commission is a slow moving group. Took them years to shut down Peel Away the Pounds. Just watched the TV program, American Green, and thought of Brian Anderson. N.Y.National’s comments are right on the money – after over a decade, not a single academic group has shown interest in this nonsense. Neither should you, the consumer.

      Money back guarantees mean absolutely nothing: here in South Africa there are a number of companies whose business is based on this model, that consumers will either still believe, or not bother to ask for their money back.

      And the most important element anyone can use is this: common sense. If a product really works, word of mouth would make the product take off in big numbers. Not for Tri-Vortex, still a kitchen operation. Basically Brian Anderson spins a reasonable sounding yarn, pity is is fruit-loopery like the perpetual energy machine.

      I suggested that Brian contact the Botany Department around the corner from his home so that they can research whether plants live longer as he has claimed. Not a bite, wonder why. So should you.

      Brian, who did you contact at the University?
      This is what I wrote on the 22nd April 2014:
      How is this one, around the corner from you: Here are the staff:
      I suggest you contact Grace Crummer 352.392.9620 at [email protected] or Peter Eliazar 352.392.1250 at [email protected]
      Here is a map to help you get from your home to the University:

    • I think you need to just stop speaking. How many Stem Cell whatchamacallits have you actually produced? As a past distributor of TriVortex, I can tell you that, at the cost you put on your sound/light/vibrator show, there can’t even be any sort of “tests” run by “every” distributor. This is what’s wrong with your brand of “proof.” You overstate everything.

  • Harris

    I stated to you in a private email on July 11, 2014
    “Also I moved from Florida to California so I cannot pursue your academic recommendation for tests at the Florida University. Have any contacts in California?”

    I resent this email to your private address before posting this response.

    Your one complaint did not prompt the FTC to take action on “Peel Away the Pounds” An avalanche of consumer complaints like the two below are what prompted the FTC.

    Staci writes: Ordered the “Peel Away the Pounds” from a TV infomercial. Said I would be charged two monthly payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling. Received my credit card billing and was charged $138.98!! For what – I don’t know. Now I will dispute the charge and be returning the product. Don’t know if it works or not but don’t like being ripped off.

    Angie writes: After flipping through the channels and seeing the “Peel Away the Pounds” infomercial, I finally thought I had found the answer to the extra 40 lbs. I had gained from my recent pregnancy. I was so excited! Even my husband was excited. I went to order the product via the 800 number and I found it so difficult to order! The guy on the line kept trying to get me to order this and that. And then he told me that a 3 to 4 week delivery was going to cost $12.95! But for a mere $6.95 extra I could get the product in 7 to 10 business days. So I opted for that since I really want the product. But just let me tell you…it is a SCAM! Those patches actually made me and my husband HUNGRIER! The way they make money is on ridiculous shipping. DON’T FALL FOR THIS INFOMERCIAL. It is truly a waste of time, money, and anticipation.

    There are no similar or ANY complaints written about Tri-Vortex Technology products so will the FTC take action on only the biased opinions of Harris? I predict no.

    A slow or swift FTC will not take action based upon one complaint from a non-consumer who lives in a foreign country. Should FTC contact me they will have to contend with my being a Nemenhah Medicine Man that you Harris know nothing about the jurist prudence created in the American legal system by court cases involving the Nemenhah over the past 15 years. But the FTC and the FDA are very well aware of the Nemenhah jurist prudence and potential genocide lawsuits involving the World Court.

    Any further comments you have about the Nemenhah will only continue to expose your ignorance.

    The manner in which you write you about the consumer is misleading and implies the South African consumer has freedom of choice. Due to your one and only complaint to the witless and clueless South African bureaucrats, the citizens of South Africa lost their freedom of choice to be fully informed about Tri-Vortex Technology products.

    Your attitude is that you and academia should do all the thinking and evaluating for the South African consumer via the corrupt pharmaceutical double blind evaluation system.
    Money back guarantees are only as good as the company that issues them. All individuals who requested refunds on Tri-Vortex Technology purchases in America and South Africa have promptly received their monies. Your response to money back guarantees is totally nonsensical, immature and bizarre.

    The typical opinion by the Tri-Vortex Technology consumer is they love the products but are at a loss in communicating how the devices manage to radically change the smell and taste of liquids and solids, super hydrate their bodies, reduce or eliminate pain and soreness, boost energy levels, assist plants to grow faster and larger and so many other health related abilities.

    Word of mouth to promote Tri-Vortex Technology is difficult because the consumer has a very hard time formulating the words in their minds and hearts to detail the mechanisms of why the Tri-Vortex Technology products work so effectively. Explaining the nuances of Tri-Vortex Technology by the consumer is similar to a layman or a scientist trying to explain the forces of electricity and gravity. No one really knows how gravity or electricity works but they do know both forces will ground and fry your butt and that a glass of wine has a radically smoother and improved smell and taste after sitting on a Tri-Vortex Technology Disc for one minute

    Oxford University observed and participated in scientific history with the Tri-Vortex Technology Disc generating the very first inconclusive surface test results. Immediately the Oxford scientists went into a state of cognitive dissonance and refused any further investigation. The cognitive dissonance of the Oxford scientists underscores why academia has not beat down my door to test Tri-Vortex Technology products.

    The positive results generated by Tri-Vortex Technology products challenge the false realities that exist in the narrow close minded fantasy world of academia. Your requirements that a product must be first blessed by consumer overwhelm and/or academic testing and approval to actually work are absurd.

    And your absurdities crush the freedoms of South African citizens.

    • Harris

      1. Brian Anderson is self-proclaimed scientist
      2. The claims for Tri-Vortex technology is contrary to the principles of physics and chemistry
      3. Over a decade, not a single academic or independent credible scientist throughout the whole world has been prepared to even bother to investigate this nonsense, a glaring anomaly to Mr Anderson’s claims. Ask why.
      4. The claim that Oxford University participated in a Tri-vortex examination is without any evidence. Mr Anderson, please supply so that we can verify
      5. Mr Anderson cannot find two credible independent scientists world-wide to support his claims, ask why!
      6. Mr Anderson claims to have moved from Florida to California. The website states as contact address: 450 Mulberry Grove Road – Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411. Which Mr Anderson should one believe?

      If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

  • Brian David Andersen


    Your desperation is getting beyond comical.

    First off is it too much of an effort for you to be accurate?

    My name is Brian David Andersen not Brian Anderson.

    Thank you for reminding me that I needed to change the address on the website and that task has been completed.

    Have one of your contacts in America call directory assistance and ask for a Brian David AndersEn on Elliott Street in San Diego to verify I live in California.

    Why don’t you and search out the scientists and manufacturer representatives who were associated with Oxford in 2000? But what will you do when you actually make contact and hear the truth? Go further into your state of cognitive dissonance or deal with the facts and reality? Cognitive dissonance is your buddy and pal so you will probably stick with the old program because paradigm shifts are not on your agenda..

    But then for you to attempt contact with Oxford will require you to make an effort rather than just sit back in your chair and make biased criticisms via a computer keyboard while fulfilling your self-appointed role as a pathetic tattle tale to the ASA, FTC and FDA that are dominated by the pharmaceutical industry.

    Contacting Oxford will cause too much stress on your cognitive dissonance.

    The definition of the word physics is “the study of objects in motion.” Are you arrogant enough to think that current academia has discovered and knows all the “motions” of our dimension? Regretfully a majority of physicists think they know everything about every motion of our reality but in fact they are just juveniles doodling with their sandbox algebraic equations that have nothing do with the dynamic electromagnetic geometry of chemistry.

    The Tri-Vortex Technology subtle energy products look, quack, swim and walk like the duck (reality) of our existence. If you doubt that claim then contact any consumer of Tri-Vortex Technology products.

    And every response by you on this forum and in our private emails do not address your ripping the freedoms of South African citizens.

    • Harris

      @Brian David Andersen
      1. Please supply the contact address of the Oxford University individual(s) who conducted the research. I will post their comments here in full, unedited.

      2. You write: “Are you arrogant enough to think that current academia has discovered and knows all the “motions” of our dimension?” I put it to you, are you arrogant enough to think that you have?

      3. “Ripping off the freedoms of South African citizens”? Every country in the world has mechanisms to prevent scam artists from abusing their citizens. As do we. The ASA asked, simply, for independent proof that your product works – you could not supply any independent verification except your own beliefs. Simple, not very complicated at all! The ASA Code states: “4.1.1 Before advertising is published, advertisers shall hold in their possession documentary evidence as set out in Clause 4.1, to support all claims, whether direct or implied, that are capable of objective substantiation”. This is applicable to ALL advertisers including the pharmaceutical industry (and there have been adverse rulings against many!).
      The regulations do not make any exceptions, and no advertiser found guilty has ever accused our authorities of “ripping off the freedoms of South African citizens”, even if they disagreed with the ruling. We, like other countries, also have regulations making it clear what claims you can make for pharmaceutical industry products, complementary medicines, food, etc., This is normal.

  • Question

    1. Please supply the contact address of the Oxford University individual(s) who conducted the research. I will post their comments here in full, unedited.


    Our private e-mail exchange in July of 2014 that detailed the Oxford tests was emailed to the editors of New Scientist. Before I attempt the effort I will wait for a reasonable time to determine if New Scientist will attempt good journalism and contact Oxford for the article you claim is being assembled on Tri-Vortex Technology.

    If New Scientist publishes an article on Tri-Vortex Technology without having had contact with Oxford then their readership will realize the writer and editors have an ridiculous agenda without practicing solid and credible journalistic principles and ethics.


    2. You write: “Are you arrogant enough to think that current academia has discovered and knows all the “motions” of our dimension?” I put it to you, are you arrogant enough to think that you have?


    Please review the research posts at

    The results of these tests indicate there is a reality beyond the algebraic equations of the traditionally trained physicists and chemists.

    But reviewing the research posts on the Tri-Vortex Technology website are extremely difficult for you because of your intense state of cognitive dissonance.

    Since you said you would and then refused to conduct testing of the Tri-Vortex Technology Disc I will consider having tests completed at a University you recommend in Southern California.


    3. “Ripping off the freedoms of South African citizens”? Every country in the world has mechanisms to prevent scam artists from abusing their citizens. As do we. The ASA asked, simply, for independent proof that your product works – you could not supply any independent verification except your own beliefs. Simple, not very complicated at all! The ASA Code states: “4.1.1 Before advertising is published, advertisers shall hold in their possession documentary evidence as set out in Clause 4.1, to support all claims, whether direct or implied, that are capable of objective substantiation”. This is applicable to ALL advertisers including the pharmaceutical industry (and there have been adverse rulings against many!).

    The regulations do not make any exceptions, and no advertiser found guilty has ever accused our authorities of “ripping off the freedoms of South African citizens”, even if they disagreed with the ruling. We, like other countries, also have regulations making it clear what claims you can make for pharmaceutical industry products, complementary medicines, food, etc., This is normal.


    Please list the number of complaints and a few sample complaints you have filed against traditional pharmaceutical companies that the ASA, FDA and FTC have reprimanded.

    • Harris

      @Brian David Andersen
      1. You have avoided answering the question
      2. You have avoided answering the question: You are arrogant enough to think that you have found a missing dimension in physics, chemistry and science.

      I will no longer be accepting postings from Brian David Andersen
      I have given Mr Anderson sufficient space to argue his point – and in order for readers to guage for themselves the ridiculousness of his beliefs, i.e., that he is arrogant enough to belief that he has found another dimension to physics and chemistry, an excuse as to why not a single credible scientists or research group, throughout the world, has been prepared to spend and waste time on this nonsense.

      • Brenda

        Thank you for this i hope with tik tok and current social media that these scams and money grabs will come to a halt at least from this company and others like it. It’s not 1950 anymore, it’s 2022. You can’t claim products do things without having information backing it up instead of desperate and quite frankly unprofessional outbursts that give consumers a window to your own insecurities or fears, that people will not believe you. If you had proof (research from yourselves and outer teams) that YOUR prodcuts to infact work the way they say they do we wouldn’t be here.

  • Harris

    We highlight another big scam Tri-Vortex product here:

  • David Hale

    Mr Harris tries to belittle the validity of Mr Andersen’s conclusions by emphasizing his lack of academic qualifications ergo: he is not a scientist. We can agree that Mr A is not a scientist only in Mr H’s perception and that of his peer group; but what if Mr A has an albeit small but different peer group? How long will it be before this small group will be recognized? The medical profession in particular has a despicable record in the past as it took 200 years after the discovery before it recognized the value of the microscope and even put Dr Semelweiss into an asylum after he had insisted that doctors who had been dissecting cadavers in one department should wash their hands before they examined the patients in his maternity clinic.
    Because Mr Andersen does not use a method of research which is beyond an individual’s defined by Mr H’s peer group as “scientific” does not make his work valueless. We are in danger of descending into the realms of semantics if we do.

    • Harris

      The point I was making was that if Mr Anderson was a scientist in the field his claims are based on, he would understand the implausibility of them. It is illogical to argue that because of a number of individuals who were eventually proved correct, that therefore individuals like Mr Anderson is correct. The dustbin of history if mostly full of people who were proved wrong. Carl Sagan pointed out that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Mr Anderson has supplied none but a few anecdotal reports, likely outnumbered by people who claim to have been in the presence of extra-terrestrials.

      • Belinda

        Harris, I really do hope that one day you wake up out of your cynical world and realize that there is a magical world out there, one that for the most part cannot be explained, but yet it works. Science is constantly trying to catch up to but will never win. We are far more evolved and have walked this earth for a far longer time than the 4 centuries that science has existed for.
        “Falsification was a popular philosophical doctrine — especially with scientists — but it was soon recognized that falsification wasn’t a very complete or accurate picture of how scientific knowledge is built. In science, ideas can never be completely proved or completely disproved. Instead, science accepts or rejects ideas based on supporting and refuting evidence, and may revise those conclusions if warranted by new evidence or perspectives.”
        Clearly a very grey area itself.
        It really comes down to the individual users and their own personal experience of the subject matter.
        Chemo is supposed to be a cure for cancer however I am yet to meet someone who’s chemo therapy has them see through the rest of their lives until they eventually die of old age… if it is such a great cure then why is the survival rate so low?
        “The contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adult malignancies. … survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA.”
        Science makes a far greater claim at a FAR greater expense on multiple levels!
        I think that it is time you recline from your position of nay saying towards those who are selling health in small doses and having far more profound effects than your “Health Care” counterparts

        • Harris

          Context is everything.
          You are quoting from a 2004 study.

          Survival rate for breast cancer without chemo or ‘alternative’ therapy: very, very low.

          Following 2:1 matching (conventional cancer treatment (CCT) = 560 patients and alternative medicine (AM) = 280 patients) . . ., AM use was independently associated with greater risk of death compared with CCT overall (hazard ratio [HR] = 2.50, 95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.88 to 3.27) and in subgroups with breast (HR = 5.68, 95% CI = 3.22 to 10.04), lung (HR = 2.17, 95% CI = 1.42 to 3.32), and colorectal cancer (HR = 4.57, 95% CI = 1.66 to 12.61). Reference

          With chemo, some cancers have a much better prognosis:
          The 5-year relative survival rate for women with stage 0 or stage I breast cancer is close to 100%.
          For women with stage II breast cancer, the 5-year relative survival rate is about 93%.
          The 5-year relative survival rate for stage III breast cancers is about 72%. But often, women with these breast cancers can be treated successfully.
          Breast cancers that have spread to other parts of the body are more difficult to treat and tend to have a poorer outlook. Metastatic, or stage IV breast cancers, have a 5-year relative survival rate of about 22%.


          The 5-year relative survival rate for women with cervical cancer is about 68%. Reference

          One-, Five- and Ten-Year Net Survival, Selected Cancers, Adults (Aged 15-99), England and Wales, 2010-2011

          Some cancers, e.g., pancreatic, lung cancer, and others have a very low survival rate even with chemo, and zero with no chemo.

  • Zane

    All one needs is an independently conducted, double blind trial to prove it. No need to understand how it works.

  • […] 2003, Randi challenged Dr. Emoto’s claims surrounding Tri-Vortex Technology, an “alternative medical technology” developed by Brian David Anderson (in the US) and Anton […]

  • Shaun

    @ Anton / Mr Andersen : Ill do your double-blind study/trial, ill even buy the products.
    It has the money back guarantee.

    @Harris : Don’t be D#$K, test the product.
    You are thinking like a child, you could even argue that oxygen is slowly killing us, just takes longer for some people, the amount and quality of oxygen will promote cancer growth.
    What i will say, you have a way with words… with that damage is caused.

    I’m not a scientist, seeing is believing.
    From what i see, you have too much time…

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