Tri-Vortex – “Most comprehensive fruitloop”?

Posted 18 April 2015

One of my experiences dealing with some quacks and scam artists, is their own belief in their claims or even craziness – to the extent that one starts questioning your own rational thoughts! Brian David Andersen of Tri-Vortex is one of these, someone so committed to his beliefs that he has ‘re-invented’ physics and chemistry to fit his arguments. Is he a fraudster (someone who knows the claims are ‘invented’) – or someone who really believes this fruitloopery?

* fruitlooperyThe use of scientific language inappropriately and without comprehension in order to increase believability of a concept.

Tri-Vortex claims, among other, to have developed a trinket that has certain healing properties, can make fruit and vegetables not go off for much longer, and that by treating water with a computer, audio software, amplifiers and a set of domed cylindrical chambers, that they can change the molecular structure of water and give it additional properties, resulting in a product that among other, can result in natural pain relief – with no chemicals.

But what if I was the crazy one? So I asked New Scientist, who are world class experts, to evaluate the claims on his site. Below is a brief article posted to New Scientist Magazine issue 3012, 20 March 2015

Most comprehensive fruitloop

WOULD we need spy tools if we had access to the technology that Harris Steinman points us to at Two of the more prosaic benefits claimed by its founder, Brian David Andersen, are “proper hydration via structured water” and the ability to “reduce negative effects of radiation from cell phones”. That gave us a good flavour of the evidential rigour here. Then we visited a “position paper” [1] in which he sets out his thoughts and proposals as an “Ebola Syndrome Investigator”…

“How can signals coming from a computer via amplifiers, Ozonated oil suppositories and cellophane wrapped colloidal silver, Vitamin E and Ozonated Hemp Oil assist,” he asks, “in stimulating stem cells to neutralize the symptoms of a spider bite and other toxic overloads? How is the Ebola Syndrome connected to spider bites?” How indeed?

[1] Expand Ebola Investigation.pdf found at Ebola Investigation.pdf


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