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Posted 17 June 2013

As previously posted on CamCheck, Johan Brittz, the person behind the scam products Be-trim and Organo-Slim, is living the high-life in Llandudno, and continues to roll-out scam after scam. He simply ignores ASA rulings. He has selling  Be-Trim under the guise of

SandiSacksteinUpdate 21 October 2013: It has come to our attention, that the actual person behind the product is Sandi Sackstein.

In fact, it does appear that Caxton Publishers, owners of Vrouekeur, are also ignoring previous ASA ruling by continuing to accept adverts from individuals such as Johan Brittz and Miracle Magnesium in spite of previous ASA rulings (both adverts in the 14 June Vrouekeur. As consumers, you can ask for Vrouekeur to reimburse you what you spent on these scam products (the Consumer Protection Act allows you to).   
2013-06-18 Weightloss24 

9 comments to, new scam from Johan Brittz / Sandi Sackstein!

  • Alena

    If this is so then what about the testimonials received from the people on this website. Also the scientsist who say that they have never endorsed this product, does this product actually contain this wonderful ingredient.

  • Harris

    We have lots of experience of people who gave positive testimonials for products that they have never even used! Really! Also, the placebo effect, or Hawthorn effect (, often also makes people think that a product works when it does not actually.

  • Louise Oosthuizen

    I have filed a formal complaint with a Magazine. A person phoned me with a tracking no> But was so rude, making me more suspicious and claimed that he was phoning from Topslim. How am I suppose to trust the product if you deal with people like that. They claimed they have send me two emails but up to now I have not received any emails. The person that phoned did not want to hear what I had to say and said that he can not speak to me as the call costs too much money. NO apologies and NO excuses. I can tell you now that I won’t be surprised if this is a false tracking no also and they just claim that the product got lost in the mail. Be careful people, scammers are very sly!!!!!!!!! It is now ten days since I placed my order!

  • Ronel

    I order Topslim and it was delivered in 3 days as promised

  • Ronelle

    Despite ASA rulings they still carry on advertising on Facebook.

  • Ilze

    This Weightloss24 was advertised in the Rapport today – so if this is a scam -why would the rapport advertise the product in the paper

    • Harris

      It appears that the company managed to convince Rapport to take the advert. Rapport often advertises scams, like they did with the Rayma Bracelet.

  • K

    Hi. I never knew about all of this-but purchased my Be Slim in last year. Why are they then still selling?

    • Harris

      Because the Medicines Control Council appears to be not taking action against any companies at present, and the ASA is only able to rule on unsubstantiated claims, but cannot stop companies from selling – only advertising in the media.

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