TopSlim scam

Posted 1 October 2013

TopSlim have advertised in newspapers, and on their website, claiming among other:

  • Top Scientists gives us Natural & Fast Weight Loss
  • Finally! Scientifically tested Fast Weight Loss!
  • “. . . but now the incredible miracle herb: Garcinia Cambogia has been released! It provides the fastest, safest and most permanent weight loss solution ever!!

They have images of the following scientists: Dean Ohia, Prof Preuss, Prof Stohs, Dr Burdock and Prof Keen in support of TopSlim’s claim, “From the Worlds Top Weight Loss Scientists” 2013-06-18 TopSlim – Fast Weight Loss from Top Slimming Scientists


Can you believe these claims or is the owner and TopSlim simply bare faced liars?

Well, simple. I wrote to Prof Stohs asking him for his comment. He replied:

Dear Dr. Steinman:

I have never heard of this product, and I know nothing about this Read the rest

8 comments to TopSlim scam

  • sash zn

    I was skeptical after reading TOPSLIMs website as it seems to stray away from mentioning key elements of the product like ingredients (beside its “miracle ingredient”, and the obvious fact that the site continues to emphasize “havard” and the prominent scientists role in the products development.its like they need to use those prominent scientists to sell their stuff rather than hard facts which they seem to dodge around. Well, you know the old say : if its too good to be true…it most probably your gut,beware of those that wish to take advantage of real people looking for genuine weight loss solutions..luckily I have.

  • Ashnie

    When I went to the website I was blown away with the testimonials and before and after pictures. My sister ordered the product for both of us. Used it for two weeks and I got sick; affected my kidney function. It will be great if I could get the product tested to know what’s in it. My sister and I did not lose any weight. This is a scam. Please don’t be fooled.

  • tsietsi

    i wanted to buy this product but iam not sure if it safe for my health

  • rusheca

    I have been taking Topslim for the past 4 months and have not lost any weight.

    • sharika

      hi Rusheca did you use this product with the eating plan as well. I head about this product and wanted to try it out but not sure now!!!!!!

  • Loraine nel

    I’ve ordered it from the web, however it was send back by the South African Health dept at OR Thambo airport, I’ve lost the R1000.00 and no product as they said it is not approved to be sold in RSA

  • Simply Fraud

    The pictures of the testimonials come from a Russian site
    Tanika Taylor from Kroonstad is actually Inna Volovicheva

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