Topline Innovations – Mervyn Daitz

Posted 13 March 2012

Who is Mervyn Daitz, and who is Topline Innovations? 

“Topline Innovations, a company founded by Mervyn Daitz 27 years ago. Mervyn, an expert in the health and beauty industry, is always on the lookout for high quality products to help improve people's health and beauty.”

Sounds marvellous, except this company is responsible for the marketing of a number of unsubstantiated products, including one ruled twice against in previous ASA ruling: the RAYMA Balance Bracelet.

Mervyn proudly writes: “The business started in 1984 when Mervyn was introduced to the TDK Bio-Magnetic necklace, a pain relief accessory. Many years later while on a visit to Spain he saw the enormous success and extraordinary results of the Rayma balance bracelet. After seeing the fantastic results for people suffering from pain, these two products became the foundations on which Topline Innovations was based. Both products are still available at”

Nothing like trying to give nonsense products a sense of authenticity. Galling is that the ASA rul ed against the Rayma bracelet on 8th June 2007 and again on December 2009, but on the 13 March 2012, this company placed a half-page advert on page 11 in Die Beeld newspaper. Yep, we do not need to have the ASA tell us what to do, and we do not need to prove our claims. Clearly a breach complaint to the ASA is required. Lookout for Mervyn Daitz, a man with a special ethic!

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