The Supplement Con

Posted 23 August 2017

A recent article in Business Insider is an encouraging sign that skepticism about the supplement industry is starting to go mainstream. The article hits all the main points – the supplement industry in the US is now $37 billion, is largely unregulated, and their products are largely worthless, make unfounded claims, and may even be harmful.They correctly point out the key factor that made the supplement industry go from bad to terrible:

[quote]In 1994, about 600 supplement companies were producing about 4,000 products for a total revenue of about $4 billion. But that market has since ballooned — today, close to 6,000 companies pump out about 75,000 products.

“We’re regulating that with 26 people and a budget of $5 million,” [FDA spokesperson] Tave said.[/quote]

Continue reading this insightful article by Steven Novella posted to Science Based Medicine on August 16, 2017

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