The Secret is out: that big fat diet menace is back

Posted 20 March 2018

The Secret is out: that big fat diet menace is back by Katharine Child

Times Live

Authorities go after the makers of a weight-loss product (Secret Fat Burner) containing a banned substance, in a case that echoes a 2010 scandal

The distributors of a new “miracle” diet product, which contains  very similar ingredients to the Simply Slim products that were banned eight years ago, have been forced to cease sales pending a meeting with the Health Department’s law enforcement officials on Monday.

All distributors of the weight-loss product, the Secret Fat Burner, have been instructed to stop selling it – but its promotional articles insist the real culprits are those behind a rip-off of the original product, which bears close resemblances to what Simply Slim distributors said when their product was pulled off the shelves in 2010. 

It is still not known who is manufacturing the

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5 comments to The Secret is out: that big fat diet menace is back

  • Shirley

    This product is still being sold in the UK. Is it still being manufactured?

    • Harris

      This product is specific to South Africa and manufactured locally. Whether the UK product is related, or simply shares the same name, we cannot say.

    • Harris

      Yes it is. Major scam artist appears to be behind the product – we are still investigating. Very important to bring this to the attention of the UK authorities. Are you able to?

  • Shirley

    Thanks Harris. The people selling the product in the UK are getting it from South Africa. Is it still being sold in South Africa?

  • Shirley

    I think the people selling it over here are unaware that is still under investigation and not authorised for sale in South Africa. I am just concerned for people still taking the product. I would not know how to let the authorities know but will look into it

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