Wondernut, Zemiente, Nuez de la India, Indian Walnut – all the same and toxic

Posted 25 April 2018

We have pointed out a toxic nut being sold as a weight-loss product. Most of our postings are about Wondernut. However, the same nut is being sold on other websites and Facebook under different names: Zemiente (; Nuez de la India (; Indian Walnuts (; Leynate (; Magic Nut (; and others.

They are all the same ingredient: the nut from Aleurites Moluccanus, or closely related. They all have the same degree of toxicity.

Almost all make the same argument:

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). On the official website of the USDA there is a page specially made for Nuez de la India (Indian Walnut), This page contains information that indicates more than 50 physical and morphological characteristics of this seed, the most important being the one that indicates that:
A) Nuez de la India is NOT TOXIC
B) Nuez de la India Read the rest