Posted 14 April 2018

WAVEEX is a small plastic chip, which its manufacturers and peddlers claim can be attached to cell phones and other mobile devices to reduce harmful radiation.

We recently highlighted an article, published in GroundUp, titled How a journalist took an ethical stand and risked her job, about how the journalist Natasha Bolognesi refused to edit a bogus article for Natural Medicine Magazine, and the subsequent repercussions.  

The article by Professor George Claassen, a highly credible journalist, resulted in a posting of a comment to the article by Wolfgang Vogl, the CEO of WAVEEX, defending the claims of the product and “[I]n parallel our lawyers together with the Austrian Embassy in South Africa is preparing law suits against Classen [sic], Bolognesi and the GroundUp”.

We think that the science supporting these claims is useless, for many reasons. In addition, we agree with the USA Federal Read the rest