Quantum SCIO-EPFX Scam

  • Posted 23 September 2013

The Quantum SCIO-EPFX or also known as Scio Full Body Scan, or simply SCIO-EPFX is a major scam being used on consumers in South Africa. SCIO stands for Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system.

Promoters of the product claim the following for it: “The SCIO is a sophisticated and profound energetic medicine system, derived from the SCIO [Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface]. It incorporates electro-dermal screening, stress testing and biofeedback. It is a computerized system that both tests and balances the body at the subtle energy level. It integrates the sciences of mathematics, quantum physics, fractal dynamics, subspace theory, electronics, and computer programming. The therapies include the following modalities: naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, energetic medicine, psychology, aromatherapy, reflexology, colour therapy, Neuro- Linguistic Programming, biofeedback and Rife Resonator. It also incorporates knowledge of metaphysical subjects to bring a unique synergistic perspective to natural healing.”

Just reading this should alert Read the rest