ImuPro, not good enough evidence, again!

Posted 26 November 2013

wellproimupro-logo ImuPro has been featured numerous times on CamCheck for making unsubstantiated claims for this test -and have been ruled against by the ASA. Originally only making tests for the benefit of ImuPro for allergies and intolerances, these have eventually been removed following a protracted course. 


A complaint has been laid against the owner, Dr York, with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (no result yet).

Now we have been informed that Dr York/ ImuPro, are making other not so well supported claims.

On the Well-Pro – ImuPro website (, the following claim is made: “Data suggests that eliminating foods that are identified to have an IgG antibody response results in significant improvement in a variety of conditions like migraine (1), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (2), Crohns disease (3) and juvenile obesity (4).”

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