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Arcadia Home Shopping Seduire Spray / Virago Sex Booster

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Posted 07 March 2014

Dr de Lange lodged a consumer complaint against Arcadia Home Shopping Séduire pheromone spray and Virago Sex Booster adverts which claimed “Regain your sexual attraction”, and included, inter alia, the following claims: “Séduire Spray contains pheromones that are scientifically developed to trigger the same reaction from the opposite sex than natural pheromones”; “When you spray it on, the opposite sex will notice you more easily and will instantly be more attracted to you”; “When you become sexually aroused your body produces more of this hormone and this triggers a response from the opposite sex by increasing their attraction towards you”; “The Virago Sex Booster consisting of mood enhancer capsules (suitable for men and women) increases sexual arousal and intensifies orgasms.”

The complainant argued that the advertising makes unsubstantiated claims as there is no scientific evidence that human pheromones are able to produce the effects as claimed Read the rest

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