The VIOXX Settlement – Merck Pays a Pittance for Mass Deaths

Posted 02 December 2011

Although CAMCheck is focused primarily on contentious complementary and alternative medicine products, we continue to stress that this does not suggest the opposite, that we therefore support Big Pharma products: we in fact support products that have robust evidence of safety and efficacy. We have repeatedly pointed out that even Big Pharma / Orthodox medicine are prone to corrupt practices, products lacking evidence of efficacy or safety.

Here is an article addressing the the MSD settlement on Vioxx. 

This article, published in CounterPunch, needs to be read in the context of the politics of CounterPunch! 

Nonetheless, it raises a number of issues and illustrates very clearly of what happens when evidence for efficacy and/or safety is corrupted, inadequate, and not scrutinised. The consequences on ordinary consumers has been devastating.  

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