Protein hype: shoppers flushing money down the toilet, say experts

Posted 28 December 2016

USN, Evox and other ‘sport-supplement’ sellers, have been making a range of unsubstantiated claims for high protein products, e.g., “100% Whey protein”. These vary from claiming to build muscle, make you bulk up, and “USN’s new 100% Whey Protein Plus provides the highest quality protein per serving for rapid uptake and its conversion into amino acids and muscle mass by your body” and “maximises muscle recovery & development”. CamCheck has constantly pointed out that these claims are unproven and rubbish (USN/Albe Geldenhuys is suing Dr Harris Steinman for R2 million for pointing out the falseness of his/their claims, among other, these).

An article published in The Guardian now also weighs in on this issue.

Some extracts:

“Consumers fuelling demand for high-protein products unlikely to see any benefits as people already eat more protein than they need, say dietitians. Experts have warned … Read the rest

USN Pure Protein Bar – ASA ruling

Posted 10 October 2013

As with other USN products, the claims are simply outrageous and mostly nonsense. USN claims for their Pure Protein Bar that eating this will result in the following benefits: “• Promotes lean muscle tissue gains, • Muscle protection, • Weight management, • Sufficient glycogen for energy …” 

We said, nonsense! Rubbish! Show us the money! 

USN were unable to.

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