UK ASA rules claims of USN Phedracut breach advertising code

Posted 06 August 2019

USN and owner, Albe Geldenhuys, is suing Dr Harris Steinman alleging that Steinman had defamed them. Steinman had argued that, among other, they were scamming consumers with unsubstantiated claims for products.  The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa had ruled against claimes for their products numerous times, including multiple rulings against their ‘fat-burning’ supplement which Steinman called an unsubstantiated scam.

Now the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rules that claims made about the green tea extract contained in a weight management supplement are misleading and unsubstantiated… Read

From the UK ASA ruling:

USN (UK) provided a copy of a study on Phytofare®, which they believed supported the advertising claim. However, we understood that the study’s objective was to compare levels of different catechin profiles of Phytofare® with a generic green tea extract. Therefore, the study did not assess whether the green tea extract had the effects Read the rest

Sports nutrition: spoiled by ‘wrong and immoral’ marketing

Posted 09 May 2018

This article, published in, makes the point that “critics argue the [sports supplement] industry is still undermined by some of its practitioners peddling false advertising”.

“The British Dietetic Association (BDA) says that marketing across the industry is ‘wrong and immoral’ and
thousands of people are using protein powders as a ‘substitute not a supplement’.”

Quoting Graeme Close, professor of sports nutrition, John Moores University, pointed to “companies marketing ‘fat burners and testosterone boosters’ as particularly problematic, saying that the claims of purported health benefits were based on thin evidence”. “Some of the advertising by some of these companies is wrong and immoral,” he added.

“You will see some ridiculous claims that you can move from out of shape and overweight in four weeks by taking a pill,” he added.”

As readers of CamCheck will be aware, Dr Harris Steinman is being sued by USN Read the rest

USN Phedra-Cut Hardcore – ASA Ruling

Posted 10 June 2013

This is a convoluted ruling and essentially consist of two aspects:

1. A new complaint ruling by the ASA against USN Phedra-Cut Hardcore, and

2. An appeal by USN against sanctions being instituted against USN.

Difficulty to exactly fathom out the result of the appeal – appears that the Appeal committee accepted that USN should have been consulted prior to sanctions being instituted, but nonetheless will impose sanctions but first requesting from USN what sanctions they feel are appropriate!

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