USN Fat Block – Fat chance

03 October 2014

As usual, USN show how untrustworthy USN are. First this product claimed to be able to block fat, but the ASA ruled against the claims being made. So USN simply changed the product’s name to Fat Binder. The ASA ruled against the claims for this product and the name. What has USN done? Simply changed the product’s name to Fibre binder! Same ingredient, same dose. Unbelievable. Major scam artists!

Will the ASA eventually hit them with very severe sanctions?

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USN Fat Block – Lie, no proof that it blocks fat

Posted 07 May 2013

This is a great example of how pseudoscience has been utilised, i.e., evidence from a computer model used to claim an ingredient will have a beneficial effect in humans, without proving it. A consumer laid a complaint against USN Fat Block that claims “CLINICALLY PROVEN”, “QUALITY INGREDIENTS”, and “Supports Weight Loss”. In fact, similar claims for the ingredient used, Neopuntia, was previously ruled against by the ASA. (It is clear from this that USN cannot be trusted at all.) 

The ASA examined the evidence supplied by USN and agreed, there is no proof that this product works at all, and therefore ruled against the claims as well as the name of the product.

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