Why Unilever canned €20m hoodia project (or why hoodia is a scam)

Posted 21 October 2011

Readers may remember that I recently voiced my disbelief that Alison Viennings had tried to substantiate a Clicks Hoodia product. In previous postings I have pointed out that Unilever had cancelled a 20 Million Euro project after finding that hoodia made no contribution to appetite suppression, weight-loss and that side effects were unacceptably high. Now the research that made Unilever decide to can the project has been published. 

Note, all hoodia products on the South African market use between 250 to 500mg once, twice or three times a day. Most that I tested had very low to absent levels of P57 in contrast with the research where the P57 was assured.  

The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group trial was conducted with about 25 healthy, 18-50 year old women in each of the hoodia and placebo groups.  During the 15-day trial period they were given either two Read the rest