Clicks’ GNC – Consumer lawsuit in the USA

Posted 23 May 2017

Clicks is the owner/distributor of the USA GNC product range in South Africa.

The USA’s Truth in Advertising, Inc., has published a history of government actions against General Nutrition and its associated companies. The government actions have included three by the U.S. Justice Department actions, three major FTC actions, at least four FTC actions against companies whose products were sold at GNC, more than a dozen false representation actions by the U.S. Postal Service, at least six actions by State agencies, and at least ten actions initiated by the FDA. There also have been more than 100 consumer lawsuits.

[GNC: No stranger to regulatory enforcement., May 22, 2017]

The takeaway message is that government regulation is limited and consumers need to be very skeptical of claims made about dietary supplements.

Source: Consumer Health Digest #17-21, May 21 2017

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