Posted 25 August 2019

Jonathan Jarry, M.Sc. has looked closely at ThetaHealing®, which uses testimonials to claim that it produces miraculous effects.

Jarry notes:

  • ThetaHealing is a philosophy according to which a healer and a patient tap into a type of brainwave to allow divine energy to heal them.
  • Its founder was successfully sued for fraud over a degree she was offering in ThetaHealing; and she has said she thinks her healing method can regrow limbs and organs.

The only study published in the scientific literature found that the theta-wave activity of experienced practitioners did not go up during their procedures.

Reference: Jarry J. ThetaHealing: The money you’ll spend never existed. McGill Office for Science and Society, Aug 1, 2019

Source: Consumer Health Digest #19-34, August 25, 2019

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