Is Sugar toxic?

Posted 05 August 2013

In Solal’s latest issue of Health Intelligence Magazine (their vehicle for deceptive advertising), an article written by Tamzyn Campbell (a dietitian, and sister of Solal’s head pharmacist, Brent Murphy), reviews the book written by Prof Robert Lustig and claims that this is “probably the best book of our time explaining the obesity epidemic and exploring the link between diet and health”. The article is highlighted on the cover as “Toxic Sugar”, and within the magazine as “Fat Chance”.

We have previously pointed out that Solal uses pseudoscience in order to promote their products. Solal have had ASA rulings against their claims for sugar but this has not have any impact on reigning in their pseudoscientific approach to evidence and science. Solal are great admirers of Prof Robert Lustig and hence promote his views that sugar is toxic with zealousness. We do not argue that Read the rest