TA-65 Anti-aging claims nonsense

Posted 28 February 2018

TA-65 is being sold in South Africa with claims that “a double-blind, placebo controlled study of TA-65® showed improvements in immune system,vision,male sexual performance,skin appearance and more”. The website claims: “A Breakthrough in Cell Rejuvenation”. 

According to WhoIs, the domain name is registered to Dr Ahmed Haffejie, “an Anti Aging Specialist”, of Midrand City, Halfway House. The product is imported by Zenith Biomedical who also imports another dubious product, Prevagen.

Are the claims true, and the product of any use?

Not according to the USA Federal Trade Commission which has barred the CEO of the company in the USA, Telomerase Activation Sciences, from making false and unsupported health claims for their products which includes TA-65 and TA-65MD.

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