Fighter faces tough bout against supplement maker

Posted 10 July 2017

This is a real disgusting story, if the reporter is correct.

Demarte “The Wolf” Pena was suspended for using steroids, resulting in him being dumped by the sport supplement company (Biogen) for which he worked as brand ambassador. It turns out that he tested positive from steroids present in a Biogen product which he was using. In addition, there have been a number of ASA rulings against unsubstantiated claims being made for product, which Biogen continues to do in spite of the rulings.

“Biogen marketing manager Brandon Fairweather said Testoforte was not part of the company’s sport supplement range and that it was “not unusual” for products containing complex botanical materials, especially those designed to support healthy testosterone, to give rise to “a trace finding of steroidal precursors”.”

If this was true, then the product automatically becomes a Schedule 5 Category A drug!

Biogen, stop spinning Read the rest

Freeze yourself into good health: SA’s first ‘cryosauna’ open for business

Posted 20 December 2015

The Sunday Times published a story on CryoLiving in Cape Town, the first company in South Africa to offer cryotherapy. The owner, Eugene Pienaar claims “[T]he cold is said to stimulate the release of “happy hormones”, cortisone and natural morphine, creating an anti-inflammatory and pain-killing response.” The cost is R495 for up to three minutes of “whole-body cryotherapy”. The article also points out that a Forbes article, titled What Are The Cold, Hard Facts On Cryotherapy?“, noted: “Without nearly enough scientific evidence, the US Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved whole body cryotherapy as a medical treatment.”

Forbes Magazine continues: “A closer look shows that many of these claims are not yet grounded in credible scientific evidence. For example, there is no real scientific support that WBC [whole body cryotherapy] is effective as a weight loss or obesity prevention measure”, and Read the rest