Solal vs Sugar Association, again! ASA ruling

Posted 09 September 2011

This ruling is interesting and significant for a number of reasons. 

1. A number of complaints have been laid with the ASA against a number of Solal adverts. In particular, Naturally Sweet. The on-going saga has been posted to DrugInfo before. A number of issues were illustrated, and in particular, Solal and Rene Doms’s belief that the ASA have no jurisdiction over Solal advertising, that the consultants are not legally adequate to make rulings, that the process was flawed, and that the appeal process will be in their favour. As a result of appeal process, the appeal reached the ASA’s Final Appeal Committee (FAC), chaired by Judge Mervyn King, who ruled against Solal complex and convoluted arguments which cleared the ASA to proceed with point 2, below. 

2. A new grouping, the Association for Responsible Health Information and Advertising (ARHIA) headed by Prof Roy Jobson, laid Read the rest