StemEnhance and StemSport – Update

Posted 18 September 2015

We have previously focussed on the claims of StemEnhance, that claims to result in the release of stem cells in your body and result in a host of beneficial results. Few studies have been conducted from this product’s inception around 2007. Eighteen years later, the studies have been insignificant with two recent publications on the products effect in diabetics. The studies were conducted in Iran and Egypt. Stem cells and their potential as a treatment is one of the most exciting areas under investigation, so readers have a right to wonder why is it that researchers and clinicians in Europe, Canada, USA are not investigating or dealing with this product – one that promises miraculous results? This alone should make you suspicious about the claims for this product.

We have also focussed attention on toxins present in the product, as well as whether the derivative product, … Read the rest

StemEnhance II

Posted 02 July 2010

 StemEnhance is a product made from “pond scum” (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) harvested from Lake Klamath and sold as “concentrated” powder in capsule form. This American product was released into the South African market during 2008. It claims to “release the power of your body’s adult stem cells to promote wellness” and it “‘wakes’ up your body’s stem cells and puts them to work”.


As with any other product, I would ask:

  • Is there any proof that this product has any therapeutic effect?
  • Is this product safe?

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Stem cell charlatans

Posted 25 June 2010

Researchers try to protect patients from stem cell charlatans

The International Society for Stem Cell Research has launched a patient education website “to smoke out the charlatans” who prey upon desperately ill people and their families, said Irving Weissman. 

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