Study of studies shows few citations

Readers may assume that this site is anti-complementary medicine, or anti alternatives to orthodox medicine. In fact, this site is anti bad-science – which is not confined to only non-orthodox medicine (although this is a major feature of this group) but may also be occur in orthodox medicine. Below is an article that deals exactly with such a topic – a major failure of many orthodox medicine studies.

"Science, so the story goes, is a meticulously built edifice."

"Discoveries balance on ones that preceded them. Research is stimulated by studies that went on before."  

"But what, then, can explain the findings by two investigators at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine? The researchers, Karen A. Robinson and Dr. Steven N. Goodman, looked at how often published papers on clinical trials in medicine cite previous clinical trials addressing the same question." 

"They report in the Jan. 4 issue of

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