Solal’s SLAPP suit

Posted 04 June 2013

How a vitamin seller has silenced the Advertising Standards Authority: By Kevin Charleston

Published on Quackdown! on May 29, 2013, 7:26 a.m.

This article discusses Solal / Solal Technologies attempt to shut up critics who point out the lack of proof for many of their products claims, and in particular, their effect on the ASA (Advertising Standards  Authority). A direct result of their actions is that their Anti-Aging Pill, which the ASA ruled against, has not stopped Solal from marketing this product. On CamCheck, I showed how Solal’s evidence to support the claims was nonsense.

Solal’s Board of Directors


Dr Craige Golding, Brent Murphy, Colin Levin, Jacqueline Moskovitz, David Arthur

Readers may wonder why we are posting pictures of Solal directors. We feel that this is in the public interest considering the public actions that they have taken, which includes, inter alia:

1. Solal allegedly Read the rest