Solal “Naturally High” – ASA complaint not accepted

Posted 19 November 2012

A consumer laid two complaints with the ASA against the claims for this product. The ASA ruled in favour of the complainant in that complaint but not in this one, stating: “Given the requirements for clear and concise grounds in the Code . . .  the Directorate has to decline to rule on the merits of this matter at this time, based on the complaint at hand”. 

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Solal “Naturally High” – no proof of efficacy offered

Posted 16 November 2012

A consumer complaint was laid with the ASA against Solal’s internet advertising promoting “Naturally High”. The product claims that it is “… a blend of safe, herbal and nutritional extracts that naturally elevate the levels of three energising and mood-enhancing brain neuro-transmitters …” and that this product “… enhances the brain’s ability to cope with stress and has an anti-anxiety effect by calming the central nervous system” and that “Unlike prescription anti-depressants, Naturally High doesn’t artificially and dangerously prevent the breakdown of neurotransmitters, which can lead to agitation, sleep disturbances, reduced sex-drive, suicidal thoughts, and aggression”.

The complainant submitted that the respondent’s website provides no evidence for these claims, and that they have little scientific basis. 

The ASA ruled partly in favour of the complainant, i.e., they were not offered any proof that the product could support the claims being made for it. 

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