Solal HIV/AIDS Protocol – ASA complaint

Posted 20 November 2012

A consumer took issue in a complaint to the ASA with the individual claims made for each individual component of this product, taking issue with the validity of these claims. In addition, whether or not there was any evidence to support the respondent’s inclusion of each individual component in its “HIV / AIDS SUPPORT” protocol was argued and effectively, the concerns to whether or not there was appropriate evidence that the respondent’s entire “HIV / AIDS SUPPORT” regime is able to deliver on expectations.

The ASA ruled in favour of Solal stating that in their opinion, that: ‘the hypothetical “reasonable person” would likely interpret this advertising communication to mean that this particular protocol is meant to offer “support” to people living with HIV / AIDS. There is nothing before the Directorate to show that people would interpret this to imply that the relevant protocol would treat Read the rest