Solal has bitter pill to swallow as ASA rules on anti-ageing claims

Posted 28 November 2012

By Wendy Knowler

The Star November 28 2012 at 09:00am

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered Solal Technologies, a South African company professing to be “leaders in anti-ageing, integrative and preventative medicine”, to stop making misleading claims about several of its key products.

In hearings held earlier this month, the ASA found the company had failed to provide adequate substantiation for some of its claims.

In the case of Solal’s Anti-Aging Pill, the company has been ordered to stop using the name of the product, as it was unable, in the Directorate’s view, to provide evidence to back up the expectation that the name creates in consumers’ minds.

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Solal Flu Bacteris – ASA ruling

Posted 15 November 2012

A consumer lodged a complaint against the Solal’s advertisement appearing in the 15th edition of the 2012 Health Intelligence Magazine (HI mag). The advertisement is headed “Flu bacteria is linked to chronic fatigue, allergies and immune system disorders”.

The complainant argued that the advertisement is inaccurate in suggesting that flu is caused by bacteria. 

Influenza is caused by viruses, and not bacteria, and antibiotics do not treat viruses. (One would have expected the doctors and pharmacists at Solal and the editorial advisory board of HI mag (a ‘masked’ Solal publication) to have a better knowledge of science)

 The ASA ruled against Solal.

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