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Simply Slim = Supreme Slim?

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I was told about a new product called Supreme Slim the other day. http://www.supremeslim.co.za/ [no longer active]

At the bottom of the webpage it states that the Chairman and CEO of Wellness Forever which is marketing Supreme Slim is Charles Bothma. Near the top of the page it gives a cell number for orders: 079 108 1182

If you check out an old webpage of Simply Slim: http://www.simplyslim.co.za/index.php?option=com_sobi2&catid=27&Itemid=90  [no longer active] you will see that there’s a Charles Bothma with the same cell number: 0791081182  Registered Number: S1141.

It turns out that these are different products, and Supreme Slim was brought out by an Charles Bothma who worked for the notorious Simply Slim company but started marketing his newly developed product while working for that company!

The original Supreme Slim webpage — made virtually identical claims to the original claims made by Simply Slim including not needing exercise and … Read the rest

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