New advertising authority takes firm stand against quackery

Posted 14 December 2020


Board says it will rule even on advertising claims by companies that are not members

The Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) has made it clear that it will rule against companies that make unproven medical claims, even if those companies are not members of the ARB.

ARB is a self-regulating authority, and its members join it voluntarily. There has been an ongoing debate dating back to the ARB’s predecessor, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), as to whether it can make rulings about the adverts of non-members.

The ARB replaced the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after the latter went into liquidation in 2018.

The ARB has in recent months ruled that members should remove advertisements by three companies claiming the medical efficacy of their products. All three advertisements were broadcast on M-Net during the evening. M-Net is a member of the Read the rest

Sédatif PC – does it work?

Posted 10 December 2020

A complaint was laid with the ARB (Advertising Regulatory Board) objecting to the claims that this product is effective for stress, anxiety and minor sleep disorders. The complainant noted that stress and insomnia are disabling conditions, which means consumers would expect a product making these types of claims to be supported by objective evidence.

Furthermore, the principle of homeopathic medicine manufacture, is to dilute the primary ingredient (which in itself has no evidence of treating these conditions), to a point where the product contains no residual molecules of its original respective ingredients. Imagine diluting panado to a point where there is not a single molecule of panado left in the tablet, and then claiming it will alleviate your headache.

In other words, according to my argument, this product is no better than simply drinking a teaspoon of tap water. If you have stress, anxiety and minor Read the rest